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15 September 2011 @ 11:24 am

Originally published at Tumble Dailies. Please leave any comments there.

Watched “Contagion” last Saturday with Hubba and really found the movie quite interesting. Of course I think there are people who disagree but I think that’s because it is likely that they compared it to “Outbreak”, which to me felt more dramatic.

“Contagion” on the other hand seems to take more of a scientific approach to looking at how to resolve a possible pandemic and probably because may seem a little dry to those who are expecting another “Outbreak” sort of movie. Things like fomites, R0 value and whole kill virus vs. live attenuated virus were actually brought up during the movie, almost as though the movie was meant to be a basis to educate people about infectious diseases or get people interested in the field.

So it pretty much surprised me when I found a review on “Contagion” on Medscape.com when logging in to do my CE, by someone who actually works in a hospital Vaccine Education Centre. To think that the show has received a positive review by someone who is actually in the field goes to show that “Contagion” truly is a show of substance.

If you’re interested, you can find the review here.

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