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08 April 2011 @ 03:00 am
From Twitter 04-07-2011  

  • 00:13:14: Laptop bag - check! - http://bit.ly/fu2hwG
  • 01:31:07: RT @PeterGriffinn: My bed tends to get a million times more comfy when its time to wakeup..
  • 01:32:39: Minna-san oyasumi... Zzz....
  • 08:12:20: Super-slow #traffic along Bartley-Braddell again due to slow-moving vehicles. ^_^'
  • 08:41:48: RT @tokyograph: More than 50 Amuse artists are forming "Team Amuse!!" for a charity song called "Let's try again" http://j.mp/fNjviM
  • 08:44:01: @Shinjitsu08 haha... I also cried at that moment. But I kind of understand Tackey's character only towards the end. So selfless.
  • 08:46:55: @Shinjitsu08 I think the ending for maou was more expected. Orthos no Inu was unexpected Coz kept thinking Tackey was bad. Haha.
  • 09:27:12: RT @ibeli3ve: Russell was cruelly abandoned, tied to void deck w no food & water. He needs a forever home urgently. http://bit.ly/fv5ujk
  • 09:28:00: @ibeli3ve ooh that's good. How does he like his new outfit aka the collar?
  • 09:28:59: @Shinjitsu08 for me it was that psychotic look that Tackey had fr time to time. Eerie.
  • 09:39:28: @ibeli3ve no prob
  • 09:40:35: @ibeli3ve haha at least he's not as bad as Kenshin. K refused to do anything but stare at us pathetically. Even refused to sleep.
  • 09:51:59: @ibeli3ve imagine 2 big eyes staring at u in the middle of the night refusing to lie down and sleep. And breathing in ur ear. 
  • 09:52:37: @ibeli3ve as long as he doesn't aggravate the injury it's ok.
  • 09:53:40: @mswenz Wah high class ah... I think I taste gold... :P
  • 10:17:32: @ibeli3ve I didn't sleep. Ended up relenting after telling him firmly not to lick his wound. :) he climbed on bed to sleep with me that nite
  • 10:18:14: @mswenz Haa ok. Careful wait u kena the Midas' touch. :P
  • 10:19:08: @ibeli3ve counting down to my holiday next Friday... Hee
  • 10:24:20: @ibeli3ve if u were me would u let him continuing staring at u the whole night? :P
  • 10:24:45: @ibeli3ve thx. Trying to settle all my work first before I go.
  • 11:28:30: @ibeli3ve he looks adorable. Shld make him wear it permanently. Haa
  • 12:17:03: @ibeli3ve Hee... Elizabethan dog
  • 12:17:42: @ibeli3ve if u can even fal asleep with the heavy breathing in ur ear. Haa
  • 12:18:02: @ibeli3ve Arigatou!
  • 12:42:14: @mswenz Hee... Did u get the 360 panorama? I dl-ed that too and it's super!
  • 14:00:36: My eyes hurt after staring at the screen for too long. Need to take a break from reading...
  • 14:13:54: @ibeli3ve no lah. Juz his normal breathing. But when it's juz next to ur ear...
  • 14:14:45: @ibeli3ve then it's "off with his head!" like the Red Queen hehe
  • 18:06:40: Long overdue haircut... (@ Jantzen @ Eastpoint) http://4sq.com/eUN1o5
  • 18:12:10: @mrsgiraffie speaking for urself huh 
  • 19:00:38: @ibeli3ve Haa thx! I Juz need a break fr all the reading actually.
  • 19:01:12: @ibeli3ve pls do I wanna see :)
  • 21:20:39: Help me. My stylist gave me a fringe!
  • 23:22:31: The Pacific plate is going nuts... So many earthquakes these days... Has it been 4 earthquakes just this week?

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