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01 April 2011 @ 03:00 am
From Twitter 03-31-2011  

  • 00:10:22: @KimokoMasada haa... i'm not bad. i still have to be contactable in emergency. i'll prolly juz not bring lappy. :S
  • 00:13:29: @Shinjitsu08 haa... i just discussed with a fren and think i will forgo taking this yr. haa... difficult with my job schedule.
  • 00:53:38: イアイ!宿題を全部しました!でも単語は全然記しませんでした。もっと勉強します。
  • 07:43:12: Shit overslept this morning
  • 08:15:32: RT @cnalatest: UN atomic watchdog raises alarm over Japan evacuations http://bit.ly/gdjwJf
  • 08:16:24: RT @BreakingNews: Inter. Atomic Energy Agency to meet to discuss lessons from Japan's nuclear crisis - Kyodo http://bit.ly/ePgij1
  • 08:24:39: @U_and_YOU はい、一緒に頑張りましょ!
  • 08:26:13: @mrsgiraffie take care!
  • 11:53:21: RT @TODAYonline: 4 Fukushima reactors to be written off http://ow.ly/4pVCw
  • 11:56:44: RT @BreakingNews: Radioactivity in seawater near Fukushima nuke plant 4,385 times more than legal limit - Kyodo
  • 11:57:14: RT @stcom: Nasa has released photographs of Mercury, taken by its Messenger spacecraft after a 6.5-year, 7.9-billion-km journey http://o ...
  • 11:57:26: RT @BreakingNews: Japan nuclear safety agency: Government must consider expanding evacuation zone around Fukushima plant - Reuters
  • 11:58:37: Should I? “@YesAsia_Jpop: WHITE, KAT-TUN's 15th single, now on preorder! http://t.co/sCWSfOa
  • 12:01:01: @mswenz hmm now we know
  • 12:07:59: Cool! “@engadget: Kinect dives into anime cyberspace, dares you to catch cute robot tanks (video) http://t.co/RrkVVu9
  • 13:34:57: Quakes are in “@BreakingNews: 6.4-magnitude quake strikes about 270 miles northwest of Neiafu, Tonga - USGS http://t.co/8GNsJpM
  • 16:09:53: RT @TODAYonline: Fukushima workers, exposed to dangerous levels of radiation, could get stem-cell transplants http://ow.ly/4q0hd
  • 21:30:13: @ibeli3ve yup...
  • 21:40:39: @ibeli3ve yeah... that's good of him :)
  • 21:40:55: @ibeli3ve it will take time...
  • 21:41:07: @ibeli3ve basic 2... long way to go... haha!
  • 21:43:25: @mswenz good luck gal...
  • 21:48:56: RT @BreakingNews: Funnel cloud sighted along Florida coast; tornado warning issued for three counties http://bit.ly/hgUQLI
  • 22:30:13: @ibeli3ve haa... are you sure?
  • 22:48:18: Jeez... the show "Bloody Monday" is damn exciting... why is the server so slow?? :S
  • 23:04:43: 土豆网,可以快點嗎?? 真的好慢阿!
  • 23:05:17: RT @cnaconnect: Japan nuclear plant operator TEPCO says radiation in water of underground tunnel more than 10,000 times above normal lev ...
  • 23:15:47: Swopping over to Echofon. Twitter for Mac is getting jammed up every now and then... Might end up swapping for good!
  • 23:29:01: @chanrkl yep echofon lite for iPhone has. :)
  • 23:34:08: @chanrkl oh, so does the echofon lite for mac. was just fiddling with the settings. can set growl too :P
  • 23:48:08: Me thinks FF 3.6.x is faster than FF4. Regret upgrading my FF... :(
  • 23:48:22: @Jin_Akanishi sweet :)

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