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28 March 2011 @ 03:00 am
From Twitter 03-27-2011  

  • 00:00:26: @ibeli3ve oh no! i mean its ok to give in to his whining occasionally, but u need to draw a line with his separation anxiety.
  • 00:01:06: @ibeli3ve as long as you're in the same house, he can sense you. so you needn't be in his sight all the time. my dog learnt that too...
  • 00:14:06: @ibeli3ve i talked to him at first then just ignored him when he repeated it. it's heart wrenching, but he'll stop when he gets the idea.
  • 00:59:51: @ibeli3ve yay! good for you. talking helps most times, it's like with kids, trying to make them understand. except i think they do it better
  • 08:38:56: RT @BreakingNews: Radiation levels in Tokyo tap water dropping; levels within normal range for consumption - Japan Times http://bit.ly/d ...
  • 08:52:10: @U_and_YOU 気を付けてください
  • 09:00:26: @CDJapan thanks for sharing!!
  • 09:01:04: “@CDJapan: I just made an album on CDJapan facebook page to show how life goes on in Tokyo http://t.co/67sTZac http://t.co/8vMAdkA
  • 09:03:09: RT @tokyograph: The International Wota community is running a charity auction, proceeds will go to American Red Cross http://j.mp/eAHBT8
  • 09:04:01: @ibeli3ve haa... i would have made him wait until i'm awake :)
  • 09:04:48: @ibeli3ve eh, you didn't enclose him in a defined area?
  • 09:05:34: @ibeli3ve enclose him in a specific area and lay newspapers on 2/3 of the space. this will also help potty train him
  • 10:15:19: English is evolving - http://bit.ly/hPG4aF
  • 10:33:08: RT @stcom: Libyan woman storms into Tripoli hotel to tell reporters of her rape by govt troops; is dragged away by hotel staff http://ow ...
  • 10:42:30: Hmph to the atas caller Samantha: Holland V not for heartlanders: http://t.co/yf4Tg6z
  • 10:43:57: Kudos to online translators: Kites can disfigure your face: http://t.co/aVHdfqv
  • 10:47:46: How come OK is accepted?? “@wannacomplain: OMG and LOL are not OK http://t.co/goSdOXS
  • 12:36:14: RT @stcom: The March 11 tsunami has possibly 'wiped out' the whaling industry in the Japanese town of Ayukawa http://ow.ly/4n7IG
  • 12:36:14: RT @tokyograph: Japan is third in the world in solar power production, yet it's still under 2% of the country's total power
  • 13:21:33: Already detecting it with my nose... “@cnalatest: Slight haze expected in S'pore over next few days http://t.co/WmQFdby
  • 13:48:20: RT @mrbrown: I spent Earth Hour in a village hut without any lights, while mosquitoes fed on us. I think we exceeded the requirements.
  • 13:52:02: My mum is making us fat: Hokkien Mee, 腐皮白果汤水,果冻,& #Ben&Jerry's ice-cream all for lunch?! 
  • 14:16:56: @chanrkl same here too... but i passed. got bloated with just hokkien mee and beancurd skin dessert. :S
  • 19:12:23: Beautiful rainbow after the rain http://instagr.am/p/CleWQ/
  • 19:34:10: RT @cnalatest: Radiation levels soar at Japan nuclear plant http://bit.ly/fsGFPX
  • 19:37:10: @ibeli3ve that's the only way to train him. U just need to explain to him. When he learns that he is to use the papers slowly widen space.
  • 19:37:31: @ibeli3ve oh yay!! Happy for Jill too.
  • 19:38:52: @Bagaholicboy blog post soon?
  • 20:45:52: @joannchance no prob
  • 20:46:37: @joannchance suddenly appear, I think it didn't last very long
  • 21:41:23: @ibeli3ve u have to talk to him... :) make use of ur animal communication skill
  • 21:56:46: @ibeli3ve yah, but i think you can still communicate with him to make him understand... dogs are smart and resilient creatures
  • 21:57:04: @ibeli3ve hope she has a happy life with her new owners!
  • 21:57:26: @ibeli3ve :) good luck
  • 22:00:17: @Shinjitsu08 chotto... i kind of lost you after the home vicinity part. いた=?
  • 22:03:06: Watching Koizora the movie - it seems very different from the drama. And I think Haruma Miura is a better-looking Hiro :)
  • 22:10:33: @Shinjitsu08 そか?! 写真は私の家の窓に撮りました。 きれいな虹ね?
  • 22:19:14: @Shinjitsu08 i think it's coz the drama was slower and the plot was changed slightly? but anyway haruma is more kakkoi! :)
  • 22:19:52: @ibeli3ve yay!!
  • 22:22:42: @Shinjitsu08 ありがとう!明確な虹はまれですよ。
  • 22:23:12: Huh, what conflicting news reports! “@cnalatest: 'Extremely high' radiation levels false alarm http://t.co/yHqd2Xa
  • 23:22:31: @ibeli3ve oh that's still quite good. hope Jill gets better soon...
  • 23:52:22: @Shinjitsu08 yes... definitely! i think the movie is much better than the drama. :) except haruma cries like a girl haa! :P

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