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25 March 2011 @ 03:00 am
From Twitter 03-24-2011  

  • 01:24:08: Lyrics for T&T's Time Travel - http://bit.ly/i2a9Eq
  • 08:25:53: @mswenz @eye_deas 下班后谁不是懒虫?
  • 08:26:53: @minghao ha it would have been good to get the pic. Then u can put up a guide on makeup haa
  • 08:27:13: @EYE_DEAS phwah
  • 08:30:17: @KimokoMasada Wah liao!! U ok?
  • 08:50:33: RT @BreakingNews: TEPCO, which operates Japan's nuke reactors, expects to continue rolling blackouts in Kanto region for at least a year ...
  • 08:51:50: RT @BreakingNews: Eiffel Tower evacuated after suspicious package found - AP
  • 08:52:56: RT @BreakingNews: Neutron beam, a kind of radioactive ray, has been observed 13 times at Fukushima plant since tsunami - Kyodo http://bi ...
  • 08:55:35: RT @cnalatest: AVA halts Japan food imports http://bit.ly/fJZRA2
  • 09:00:11: Again natural disaster "@BreakingNews: Twister damages homes, rips up part of school roof in southwest Penn. - WPXI TV http://t.co/D4bADO0
  • 09:01:25: Better stock up Japanese snacks! “@cnalatest: AVA halts Japan food imports http://t.co/f5y4W0N
  • 10:40:32: @Shinjitsu08 eh wasn't there a koyama radio the other day with massu as guest?
  • 10:41:13: RT @BreakingNews: Restoration work resumes at Fukushima Daiichi reactor No. 3 after smoke kept workers from building http://bit.ly/hSda26
  • 10:43:35: Not true “@stcom: Recent study shows only abt 30% of a Singapore worker's web traffic is used 4 work-related activities http://t.co/oQU6hcC
  • 10:47:27: Cool! “@engadget: Voice-controlled Japanese robot assists with eating, makes veggies more fun (video) http://t.co/dXImiD9
  • 10:47:48: RT @lastlemon01: vimrod - I even irritate myself sometimes, if you can believe it... you can? http://bit.ly/hOSyvD
  • 10:48:40: RT @BreakingNews: Japan orders Fukushima to halt shipments of broccoli, 10 other vegetables, tells locals not to eat 10 products http:// ...
  • 11:21:50: @KimokoMasada u forgot to close ur eyes issit?
  • 11:22:14: @chanrkl yay!
  • 11:38:54: @KimokoMasada hand eye coordination problems literally. :P
  • 11:40:36: @Shinjitsu08 oh. Considering they had their last concert after 1yr 8mths fr the previous one & single release in Nov, it may take a while
  • 11:42:05: Will the men or ladies be happy? “@TODAYonline: Pill to treat premature ejaculation approved for use in Singapore http://t.co/k6iCuaf
  • 11:45:42: @KimokoMasada yeah I know what u mean. Once I poked my eye when all I intended was to clear stray strands of hair on my face. *fail*
  • 11:57:56: @Shinjitsu08 maybe coz individually they've been busier: P's movie & solo concert, Ryo's dramas, Tegomass' single, K-chan's newstuff... :)
  • 11:58:39: @sparklethots I have 2 - echofon lite & twitter for iPhone
  • 12:01:31: RT @TODAYonline: The nightmare in Japan could get worse, while the megaquake could be a taste of what's to come in the US http://ow.ly/4laDG
  • 12:01:32: RT @BreakingNews: Tokyo Electric resumes operations at unit in Higashi Ogishima thermal plant in Kawasaki - Kyodo via Reuters
  • 12:04:43: @KimokoMasada Haa 出三条线
  • 12:58:43: @Shinjitsu08 hmm but kei-chan say his urirang during shonen club. So maybe koyashige can push for their own duo single?
  • 13:02:15: Bloated! Juz had prata, popiah & coke for lunch!! 
  • 13:53:02: RT @stcom: The level of radioactive iodine in Tokyo's drinking water has returned to a level safe for infants: Official http://ow.ly/4lg0f
  • 13:53:10: RT @BreakingNews: More radiation-tainted water in Japan: levels unsafe for infants found at Kawaguchi purification plant http://bit.ly/g ...
  • 13:53:26: RT @stcom: This year's Earth Hour will mark the Japan disasters, but it's also meant to be about hope & the future: Co-founder http://ow ...
  • 14:01:29: @Shinjitsu08 I'm sure all #JENEWS fans do hope the best for the group. 一緒にニュースを声援しましょ!
  • 14:03:14: @Shinjitsu08 so nice! I also wanna zzz. Not enuf sleep last night
  • 14:51:28: RT @BreakingNews: Three plant workers are taken to the hospital after being exposed to nuclear radiation, Japan official says - NBC
  • 15:18:55: RT @BreakingNews: Correction: Three Japanese plant workers are exposed to radiation; two are taken to a hospital for treatment - AP
  • 15:19:01: RT @TODAYonline: Local bands get together for a fund-raising concert called Heart Rock: Japan Relief http://ow.ly/4laX1
  • 16:03:39: @mrsgiraffie yum!! Enjoy!!
  • 17:59:36: Finally can wash car!! (@ Caltex @Tampines) http://4sq.com/emYtvB
  • 18:03:52: @joannchance save energy :)
  • 20:30:35: Tze Char time!!! (@ Juz Eat (24-hr)) http://4sq.com/dKhlj3
  • 22:07:02: @Bagaholicboy hi BB, do you have any recommendations for laptop bags? one that can hold a 14.1-inch lappy and documents. thx! :)
  • 22:07:23: @mswenz why so solemn?
  • 22:44:30: RT @REUTERSFLASH: Singapore says finds radioactive contaminants in four samples of vegetables from Japan
  • 22:44:33: RT @cnalatest: AVA stops food imports from two more Japan prefectures http://bit.ly/eLOQP9
  • 22:44:46: RT @TODAYonline: Breaking (via Reuters): Magnitude 6.9 hits Thailand, 69 miles north of Chiang Rai
  • 22:45:08: OMG! nowhere is safe! “@TODAYonline: Breaking (via Reuters): Magnitude 6.9 hits Thailand, 69 miles north of Chiang Rai”
  • 23:42:57: 寝たいです。皆さんお休み!

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