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24 March 2011 @ 03:00 am
From Twitter 03-23-2011  

  • 09:25:39: RT @Bagaholicboy: Bagaholicboy News #193 – @GoldheartJewel Sale Kicks Off 25 March 2011! http://t.co/hKQ2Rky Please RT!
  • 09:26:21: @pishako oh u got another place already?
  • 09:27:19: @Shinjitsu08 nice!
  • 09:30:53: イアイ!P-chan 頑張ってね!“@rinayamashita: p-chan帰ってきた!会いたかったょー!!これからリハビリの日々…頑張ります!
  • 09:33:01: @RiceBunny looks yummy. Feel better soon!
  • 09:35:14: RT @BreakingNews: Japan nuclear site is still leaking radiation, but source unclear, IAEA says - Reuters http://reut.rs/eZrYbu
  • 09:44:13: @ricebunny maybe this is why? “@engadget: New MacBook Pros freezing under heavy load? http://t.co/QwJnF5P
  • 09:47:03: @Shinjitsu08 then what do u use? iPhone?
  • 09:47:17: RT @BreakingNews: U.S. forces in Japan, including 7th Fleet, to continue disaster relief efforts, Pentagon tells Kyodo http://bit.ly/i9n7Cu
  • 09:47:59: @tokyograph oh no pls take care
  • 09:48:23: RT @BreakingNews: FDA halts imports of dairy products and produce from area of Japan where nuclear plant leaks radiation - AP
  • 09:48:49: RT @TODAYonline: Radiation traces found in Japan's sea, sparking seafood concerns http://ow.ly/4kePi
  • 09:49:18: RT @stcom: The Fukushima nuclear crisis will leave Japan with a cleanup problem that could cost an 'astronomical amount': Experts http:/ ...
  • 09:50:08: Oh no! “@cnalatest: More aftershocks rattle Japan, no damage reported http://t.co/rrc1eGb
  • 09:51:03: @mswenz alamak why?
  • 09:51:15: @mrsgiraffie sweet...
  • 09:52:14: RT @TODAYonline: Power has been restored to Fukushima's reactor No 3 http://ow.ly/4kj8s
  • 09:52:21: RT @stcom: Japan PM Naoto Kan ordered two prefectures to halt food shipments; asks residents to stop eating leafy vegetables http://ow.l ...
  • 09:52:48: @minghao OMG! Any pic proof??
  • 10:19:58: @mswenz poor thing. Drink more coffee kao then.
  • 10:21:03: @mrsgiraffie I'm always sleepy  @mswenz
  • 10:34:15: @Shinjitsu08 iphone... Tee hee.
  • 10:34:42: @joannchance ohayou!
  • 10:35:03: @joannchance dun wear the 4-inch heels pls
  • 10:43:39: @joannchance Haa me too actually.
  • 10:44:08: RT @stcom: The total cost of the Japan disasters is expected to reach nearly $400 billion, the Japan govt estimates http://ow.ly/4kmq8
  • 10:44:55: @Shinjitsu08 Haa I used to be skeptical abt touch. But after using iPhone I never looked back. :)
  • 11:04:24: @ibeli3ve it happens. I do too!
  • 11:08:25: @Shinjitsu08 ええ?違います!not saying stuff to do free advertising for Apple :) even though their products are gd.
  • 11:09:43: RT @stcom: Bursts of physical activity - like jogging or having sex - can up the risk of heart attacks, especially in couch potatoes htt ...
  • 11:11:20: @ibeli3ve Haa go eat at Kim Gary. They got nissin noodles on their menu - 初前一丁
  • 11:14:07: @ibeli3ve what study?
  • 11:26:44: @ibeli3ve eh? Add chilli then
  • 11:28:02: @ibeli3ve err hmm. Charging high for tech info I guess
  • 11:28:25: @Shinjitsu08 ur bro so cute. Shld have apple pay him to be spokesperson
  • 12:52:29: @ibeli3ve :)
  • 12:52:57: @ibeli3ve err I've seen more expensive ones. Haa
  • 12:53:28: @Shinjitsu08 haha... Ur brother's cute.
  • 12:54:05: RT @engadget: Japan's space agency considers using rockets with artificial intelligence http://engt.co/f2ZniD
  • 13:01:31: Wow! “@stcom: Hell hath no fury: US woman, 92, fires 4 shots at neighbour's house after he refuses to kiss her http://t.co/7Hymszc
  • 13:59:37: Phwah “@stompsingapore: Why on earth are people watching #porn in public? Here's one at internet cafe http://t.co/lYBXCn5
  • 14:00:35: @mswenz I was lugging ard a dino Dell for a longest time too. Only Juz got my lappy upgraded recently
  • 14:01:02: Oh no! Bottled water? “@BreakingNews: Radioactive iodine exceeding limit for infants detected in tap water in Tokyo - Kyodo”
  • 14:01:26: RT @Bagaholicboy: Bagaholicboy just realised something else. Being in debt because you bought something to make yourself happier just ma ...
  • 14:02:35: OMG! “@mrbrown: A Cambodian village where a family of 7 just lost their home because of strong winds. Heartbreaking. http://t.co/ImxkoKp
  • 14:02:47: RT @stcom: With no fuel for cremations, some Japanese families were forced to bury their dead, forsaking tradition for pragmatism http:/ ...
  • 14:03:24: RT @engadget: Monirobo measures radiation following nuclear crisis at Japan's Fukushima Daiichi power plant http://engt.co/hhAnEd
  • 15:41:22: @mswenz Haa I was lugging that dino ard for biz trips for more than a yr. Abt time I got an upgrade.
  • 15:41:35: RT @BreakingNews: Japan's government says the economic costs of the catastrophic March 11 earthquake and tsunami could reach $309 billio ...
  • 15:48:49: RT @BreakingNews: Owner of crippled Japanese nuclear plant reports gray smoke coming from Unit 3 - AP
  • 16:45:03: @mswenz gambarimasu!
  • 16:46:20: @Bagaholicboy kya!! Beautiful!! But see no evil!
  • 16:46:27: RT @REUTERSFLASH: Japan agency: Radiation level at Fukushima was 283.7 microsieverts shortly after smoke first seen
  • 16:46:49: RT @DaveLimKopi: If Godzilla came to Singapore, do you know what it'll eat first?
    The PIE. It always has JAM on it too.
    #badSGjokes #Dav ...
  • 16:47:03: RT @REUTERSFLASH: Black smoke from Fukushima's no.3 reactor gradually settling down - Kyodo
  • 18:16:05: 試験を有りますから、今勉強します! (@ Ikoma Language School) http://4sq.com/elAZhw
  • 18:23:15: @mswenz awake when work ends huh? @eye_deas
  • 18:24:50: @mswenz is ur desktop workable? If so why change? @ibeli3ve

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