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22 March 2011 @ 03:00 am
From Twitter 03-21-2011  

  • 00:42:46: Time for bed! mina-san, oyasumi!
  • 09:34:03: RT @BreakingNews: Update: Iodine three times normal detected in Iitate, near nuclear plant; Japan advises not drinking tap water - AP ht ...
  • 09:35:24: !“@EYE_DEAS: Just submitted for a Relief Effort for Japan exhibition auction. Details to follow once Gallery owner greenlight everything :)”
  • 09:40:08: @Shinjitsu08 Congrats! Now go enjoy urself!
  • 09:40:21: @mswenz :)
  • 09:40:46: @ibeli3ve look forward to it
  • 09:40:57: @ibeli3ve Cambodia. Haha!
  • 09:41:23: @ibeli3ve err I need to dig. I dunno whether I still have them.
  • 09:41:40: @ibeli3ve in soft copy that is.
  • 09:42:08: @ibeli3ve there's always a chance they'll get attached to him
  • 10:08:21: My shipment from @CDJapan has arrived!! Yay!! http://t.co/gk8fhx4
  • 10:08:30: @minghao Haa... Brains overstretched. How can u survive a 10-hr class is beyond my ken!
  • 10:18:53: @ibeli3ve have hope.
  • 10:19:05: RT @Bagaholicboy: Bagaholicboy Giveaway #35 – The Body Shop Brush With Fashion Collection X 3 Sets! http://t.co/Pg29LZo Please RT!
  • 10:20:08: @ibeli3ve hardcopies at my parents'. I'll dig for them and post when I next go back.
  • 10:30:41: @ibeli3ve it's all abt time management gal... :) more than 24 hrs a day u'll be exhausted!
  • 11:16:43: @ibeli3ve well u can always make time. :)
  • 11:18:15: @mswenz Haa... U can try talking to him and checking out his facial reactions. U'll soon understand his body language. @ibeli3ve
  • 11:25:25: @mswenz maybe he's trying to understand. I had the same experience with my dog. Now he's so used to us, he responds to everything @ibeli3ve
  • 11:25:42: RT @BreakingNews: Tokyo Electric Power Co. resumes task of laying power cables to 2 Fukushima reactors without electricity - Kyodo http: ...
  • 11:31:14: @mswenz 可能是吧。或者真的有一粒"金"塞着不舒服吧。
  • 12:07:20: @ibeli3ve he tilts his head and cocks his ears when we talk to him. If he understands he will wag his tail or even do as we say @mswenz
  • 12:20:35: @Shinjitsu08 now u can go enjoy ur holidays :)
  • 12:21:35: @ibeli3ve takes some time to train but doable. Ppl stare at us all the time wondering if we're mad. @mswenz
  • 12:21:58: @joannchance glad that it helps.
  • 13:02:47: RT @REUTERSFLASH: Japan nuclear safety agency says power restored to no. 5 and no. 6 reactors from grid
  • 13:02:55: RT @REUTERSFLASH: Japan nuclear safety agency: pressure rising in no. 3 reactor, monitoring whether to take steps to release pressure b ...
  • 13:32:11: Yay! “@TODAYonline: All six reactor pools below boiling point, as cooling efforts show signs of working http://t.co/VK8t0LX
  • 13:32:30: Oh no! “@TODAYonline: More than 20,000 dead, missing in Japan - death toll 'could rise dramatically' http://t.co/gyGzLtR
  • 16:35:59: RT @cnalatest: Japan reactor control room may regain functions http://bit.ly/ii8o7i
  • 16:36:36: RT @cnaconnect: The first clear sign of progress by Japan in tackling the nuclear crisis.

    Electricity has finally been restored... http ...
  • 16:37:58: RT @TODAYonline: Free Skype credit vouchers for those in Japan http://ow.ly/4isho
  • 16:39:40: RT @TODAYonline: 'Worst is over' in Japan, say US, Russian experts http://ow.ly/4isiY
  • 16:41:01: RT @CNNInternatDesk: Some 1,200 people have fled an active volcano in northern Indonesia, the country's National Disaster Management Age ...
  • 16:41:04: RT @CNNInternatDesk: Japanese police says that they fear that more than half of the more than 13,200 people still reported missing are dead
  • 16:41:24: RT @cnnbrk: First water, now concrete used to avoid nuclear crisis after Japan #quake http://on.cnn.com/gxDoTZ
  • 16:41:37: RT @BreakingNews: Officials are training workers to spray Fukushima nuclear power plant's stricken reactors with concrete - CNN http://b ...
  • 16:42:14: RT @REUTERSFLASH: Workers at Japan nuclear plant have connected power cables to no.3 & 4 reactors; all six reactors now rigged to power ...
  • 16:42:27: RT @BreakingNews: Official says workers evacuated as gray smoke rises at Unit 3 of tsunami-stricken nuke plant - AP
  • 16:47:36: #AmuroNamie's #Checkmate! is quite cool. Listening to it with #Tackey&Tsubasa's #Trip&Treasure while working. Makes a Monday less blue.
  • 18:14:02: Dining here. Missed Japanese pasta (@ Shokudo Japanese Coffee House) http://4sq.com/hJj0oi
  • 18:30:14: RT @cnnbrk: Gray smoke spews from No. 3 reactor at stricken Japanese nuclear plant http://on.cnn.com/gxDoTZ
  • 18:32:40: Oh no! “@cnalatest: More volunteers \"prepared for death\" at Fukushima http://t.co/XyrTRhi
  • 19:01:13: 晩ご飯は帆立名太鼓のパスタと柚子フロと http://t.co/4FcC2PB
  • 19:04:40: RT @REUTERSFLASH: Earthquake felt in Philippines capital Manila - Reuters witness
  • 19:10:00: Date night with Hubba (@ Shaw Bugis Cineplex) http://4sq.com/eMVovJ
  • 22:01:10: @Shinjitsu08 wow!!
  • 22:01:46: Just hope from watching "The Adjustment Bureau". Not really original, something abt it reminds me of the Matrix.
  • 22:25:33: CDJapan purchase: T&T's T&T - http://bit.ly/gjPTQR
  • 22:34:40: @Shinjitsu08 sorry dear, but no. am not exactly a fan of K-dramas. tried, but don't like. i still like my J-dorama :)
  • 22:35:41: @Shinjitsu08 yeah... took bit by bit... my hubby is gonna lock himself up when i play them :P
  • 22:43:53: Continuing with Ep 4 of Boku Dake no Madonna... Tackey is kakkoi!!
  • 22:44:41: @Shinjitsu08 :) i dunno, it's something abt the K-actors that aren't as attractive as the J-actors. i'm biased. :P
  • 22:45:57: @Shinjitsu08 he doesn't like the music - it always gives him a headache for some unknown reason. tho i think he's slowly getting used to it.
  • 22:50:37: @Shinjitsu08 haa... maybe i'm just being picky, but it's something abt the eyes. k-actors seem a little lifeless when u look at their eyes.
  • 23:20:40: @Shinjitsu08 hee... thanks :)
  • 23:38:54: 『僕だけのマドナ』は面白可笑しいです。タッキーのキョンは可愛いですね!
  • 23:44:05: RT @downrightnow: #LiveJournal is down or having service trouble, based on user reports/other sources http://downrightnow.com/livejourna ...

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