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21 March 2011 @ 03:00 am
From Twitter 03-20-2011  

  • 09:08:21: 嵐 Arashi's encouraging messages - http://bit.ly/dYltmt
  • 11:45:20: タッキー&翼: Trip & Treasure - http://bit.ly/gMGBY4
  • 11:50:04: OMG! “@stcom: Charles & Keith is now partly owned by French luxury giant Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy (LVMH) http://t.co/qXx9TuC
  • 11:52:22: RT @BreakingNews: First water sprayed on quake-crippled Fukushima nuclear reactor No. 4 since cooling system failed - Kyodo
  • 11:52:42: Go JE! “@TokyographNews: Johnny’s Entertainment plans energy-cutting measures, charity CD http://t.co/ON6merC #johnnys #jmusic #jpop
  • 11:53:01: RT @stcom: 6 workers at the nuclear reactor have been exposed to high levels of radiation but are continuing working there http://ow.ly/ ...
  • 11:53:25: RT @cnalatest: Japan vies to restore power to wrecked atom plant http://bit.ly/hIMysY
  • 13:12:45: RT @BreakingNews: Japan official says pressure rising again at stricken Fukushima nuclear reactor No. 3 - AP
  • 13:12:45: RT @BreakingNews: More on Japan reactor setback: Radioactive gas will be released to ease pressure
  • 14:09:58: Oh no!! “@stcom: Hard to restore power to Japan reactor 2 by Sunday http://t.co/id7eZLq
  • 14:10:48: @EYE_DEAS Haa but they can be so "Tao"!!
  • 14:38:44: @EYE_DEAS haa... i like that
  • 21:36:40: 宿題を終わりましたけど、ちょっとわかりませんでした。来週の試験は多分むずかしですよ。
  • 21:37:21: Enjoying Earl Grey Milk Tea from Gong Cha, thanks to Hubba for ta-bao-ing home :)
  • 21:37:42: RT @TODAYonline: One Singaporean in Fukushima has not only decided to stay on but he has also helped fellow Singaporeans http://ow.ly/4i5OI
  • 21:39:47: RT @stcom: Days before a 9.0 quake struck Japan, the operator of the Fukushima No.1 plant had admitted to faking repair records http://o ...
  • 21:40:24: RT @BreakingNews: Nuclear plant operator says reactor pressure has stabilized, no longer plans to vent gas - AP
  • 21:40:27: RT @BreakingNews: Japan quake, tsunami death toll to top 15,000 in Miyagi alone, police say - Kyodo http://bit.ly/epKkX7
  • 21:40:44: @pishako why? take it easy...
  • 21:41:22: Kiseki!! “@BreakingNews: Police in Miyagi find 2 people alive under rubble 9 days after quake, tsunami - NHK”
  • 21:42:23: Wow! “@engadget: Permanent anti-fog coating could mean end to steamy specs http://t.co/tojKe6l
  • 21:43:33: Oh no... why are so many things happening in such a short time? “@cnalatest: Pakistan coal mine blasts kill 3, trap 45 http://t.co/Dxox6fx
  • 21:43:56: RT @BreakingNews: Japan's government says tsunami-stricken nuclearplant will have to close eventually - AP
  • 21:44:11: RT @stcom: Japan will decide by Monday on whether to restrict consumption and shipments of food products from and around Fukushima http: ...
  • 21:47:57: Isn't this trivial compared to Japan & Libya? “@stompsingapore: Ex-GF gets dog in custody battle with surgeon http://t.co/PGwn99Z
  • 21:48:07: RT @TODAYonline: Latest updates on Japan's nuclear crisis: Official death toll 8,133 with 12,272 missing http://ow.ly/4i6ro
  • 21:48:20: Kiseki! “@stcom: An 80-year-old woman was pulled out from the rubble 9 days after Japan's quake. http://t.co/OqYJ2A0
  • 21:48:55: Huh? “@nydailynews: 400-lb. man found in bag in Bronx apt. http://t.co/poqNIpW
  • 21:54:30: Ii desuka? “@TODAYonline: Sony, Nissan among big Japanese manufacturers preparing to restart their plants http://t.co/WS7Vydw
  • 21:54:53: Kiseki! “@TODAYonline: Amazing - 80-year-old woman and 16-year-old boy pulled out of the rubble ALIVE after nine days http://t.co/c579HKV
  • 21:58:09: @joannchance u spam #twitpic ... :P wait server down then u know
  • 21:58:56: No “@stcom: The toll of dead or missing from Japan's worst natural disaster in nearly a century has almost hit 21,000. http://t.co/ITDi5Dn
  • 21:59:15: RT @Reuters: FLASH: Japan health ministry says prohibits sale of raw milk from Fukushima prefecture
  • 21:59:24: @pishako where to?
  • 21:59:37: RT @tokyohive: Please make a contribution to our Japan Relief Fund, we will continue matching contributions 100% until March 31st http:/ ...
  • 22:03:19: @mswenz take care & get well soon!
  • 22:03:38: RT @MandarinGallery: Blog Post: Street Chic - Summer Brights http://tinyurl.com/4zo2m5y Please RT!
  • 22:04:15: @pishako so fun!! @chanrkl
  • 22:20:00: @joannchance neh... just teasing u. but #twitpic server has had problems loading pics occasionally.
  • 22:26:54: The professor Tatebayashi sensei in "Boku Dake no Madonna" is so poor thing! Always get scolded by the students... kawaii sou!
  • 22:37:38: RT @BreakingNews: Japan nuke plant operator says 2 of 6 units now under control after fuel storage pools cool - AP
  • 22:38:19: @ibeli3ve wow... u gonna blog abt it?
  • 22:38:35: @mrsgiraffie argh... take care pls!
  • 22:39:03: @EYE_DEAS poor dear...
  • 22:47:37: @minghao huh?? kill brain cells lor if 10 hours at a shot! my 3-hr jap class a week is already a killer
  • 23:30:13: Problems with Verb-ます to Verb-て conversions - http://bit.ly/hzRJui
  • 23:37:13: @joannchance maybe just backup on ur comp?
  • 23:37:51: RT @BreakingNews: Japan Health Ministry finds additional types of radiation-tainted vegetables in more places - AP
  • 23:40:22: Interesting... “@wannacomplain: Seth Rogen is terrified of Singapore http://t.co/dlCLll5
  • 23:40:45: @joannchance :) ok desu

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