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20 March 2011 @ 03:00 am
From Twitter 03-19-2011  

  • 00:06:02: Update from CDJapan on shipments via FeDex - http://bit.ly/i8HN75
  • 00:19:28: @ibeli3ve that means the dog has been potty trained etc. @mswenz
  • 00:20:00: @ibeli3ve haa... neh, you just need a lot of patience and understanding. it took me only about a month to train my dog when i got him
  • 00:21:01: @ibeli3ve oh, my dog used to chew on his toy (whichever toy) and fall asleep after a while when he was a pup. like tired still wanna play :P
  • 00:23:06: I salute her! “@cnalatest: \"Sendai is safe\", says Singaporean in Sendai http://t.co/e3opSAL
  • 00:24:13: @TiffanyLD happy friday... thanks for the lucky green makeup tutorial... i had fun wearing bright green eye makeup today :)
  • 00:35:32: Cancelling my trip to Japan - http://bit.ly/h4Be72
  • 10:56:19: @ibeli3ve I meant patience & understanding for ur parents too :)
  • 10:57:15: @ibeli3ve honestly even it's only 2 wks u'll end up being very attached to him. Will have problem letting him go when it's time.
  • 10:58:41: @ibeli3ve yup... It is, seeing him hold the chew toy in his paws with his head down and eyes closed. I think I had old photos somewhere too.
  • 10:59:05: @ibeli3ve yup... Full refund. :)
  • 11:06:32: Wow! “@BreakingNews: Survivor of Japan quake and tsunami found 8 days after disaster: NHK citing military - Reuters”
  • 11:08:28: OMG “@BreakingNews: Japan still shaking: 15 earthquakes of magnitude 5.0 or higher hit stricken area off Honshu in 24 hours - USGS”
  • 11:09:10: @mswenz I slept in :)
  • 11:12:45: It's the second Sat that I've slept for 10 hrs before waking up. And I wanna sleep more! Gosh I don't even know how drained I am!
  • 13:54:41: @mswenz hee... sorry for rubbing it in :P
  • 15:02:17: @joannchance it's raining in the east too :)
  • 16:03:27: Japanese are a stoic people - http://bit.ly/gYEBgi
  • 16:05:07: No more Meiji milk “@BreakingNews: Japan says radiation levels in spinach and milk exceed safety limits following nuclear accidents - AP”
  • 16:36:00: Helping @ricebunny spread the word: http://t.co/MdLefVC Pls donate generously to help the ppl of Japan!
  • 17:42:23: Yay! “@TODAYonline: Cooling systems working at one reactor http://t.co/wbYLxOr
  • 18:17:01: Manja is cute http://t.co/yR7WosH
  • 18:18:48: @pishako yes they are the overgrown babies of the famiyl usually
  • 19:26:41: @EYE_DEAS yep n she's really a darling. She doesn't crowd the table when we're eating
  • 19:29:16: Yokatta! “@TODAYonline: Quake rocks Japan, near reactor, but no damage reported http://t.co/j7Op2h1
  • 19:35:07: Want to purchase some heels fr www.theshoesinc.com but not sure if my shoe size is right :( Anyone has experience buying shoes online?
  • 21:41:15: @joannchance that's what i usually do too.. but the heels look really nice!
  • 21:41:30: @Shinjitsu08 so nice... :)
  • 21:44:16: Don't think the moon looks bigger ler, why? Q. Why is #supermoon trending? A. http://t.co/erbB0EU
  • 22:22:10: @Shinjitsu08 u cook? wow! :)
  • 22:22:30: @pishako :P
  • 22:22:47: @joannchance haa... which one do u like?
  • 22:39:23: @Shinjitsu08 wow... :) gd for u
  • 22:42:59: @joannchance i like the last one you like too! i also like the leopard print B7459116280804, green LAB423036063 and LAB423522045 :)
  • 22:43:45: @Shinjitsu08 yeah, usually experiment with my hubby. pasta is a definite, mussels, then sometimes we play ard, try new dishes.
  • 22:52:56: @Shinjitsu08 haa... :) but sad to say, my hubby is the better cook
  • 23:04:55: @joannchance onaji dayo! mine also depends on cutting, it can be 35 - 36. that's why i a bit hesitant...
  • 23:05:24: @Shinjitsu08 haa... thankfully he likes to cook, so yeah, sometimes he cooks i wash
  • 23:06:52: Hope the situation gets better... “@TODAYonline: Japan sees some stabilization in nuclear crisis http://t.co/1RXXCzW
  • 23:07:56: @joannchance i might just get the leopard print and the wedged thongs... see how. :P it's free shipping for more than S$60
  • 23:21:27: @joannchance hai... am still deciding whether to get or not...
  • 23:38:31: RT @BreakingNews: Japanese officials say radioactive iodine above government recommended limit found in drinking water in Fukushima pref ...
  • 23:40:06: 寝たいです。皆さんお休み!

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