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16 March 2011 @ 03:00 am
From Twitter 03-15-2011  

  • 00:03:51: RT @foxnews: Japanese officials say the #nuclear fuel rods appear to be melting inside all three of the most troubled reactors #helpjapa ...
  • 00:04:25: Nose dripping... cannot make it. Gonna hit the sack. Nitey night...
  • 08:53:30: @ibeli3ve Thanx gal. I dunno why something is irritating my nose Coz keep sneezing and sniffing.
  • 09:26:51: @mrsgiraffie yup will do. Thx! 
  • 09:31:45: RT @mrbrown: Singapore, SMS "RedCross" to 75772 & donate $50.00 to the Red Cross Japan Earthquake Appeal. Please RT.
  • 09:32:47: @joannchance thx gal...
  • 10:14:27: RT @BreakingNews: Suppression pool may have been damaged at No. 2 reactor, government says - Kyodo News http://bit.ly/fnlaRX
  • 10:15:07: RT @BreakingNews: Radiation at Fukushima plant briefly hits 8,217 micro-sieverts per hour, well above normal levels - Kyodo News http:// ...
  • 10:15:20: RT @BreakingNews: More on blast: Explosion may be more severe than previous incidents; containment vessel possibly damaged - nytimes htt ...
  • 10:16:41: @ibeli3ve I think not, haven't had it for a while.
  • 10:17:07: RT @BreakingNews: Officials: Latest blast at Fukushima plant may havedamaged reactor container, fear radiation leak - AP
  • 10:18:02: RT @BreakingNews: Japan's prime minister says radiation has leaked from damaged reactor; asks those within 20K to evacuate - Kyodo
  • 12:53:14: RT @BreakingNews: Fourth reactor at damaged Fukushima plant is on fire - AP
  • 12:54:11: RT @BreakingNews: Radiation measured at 400 times annual legal limit near No. 3 Fukushima reactor - Kyodo
  • 12:54:49: RT @BreakingNews: Fire in No. 4 reactor at stricken nuclear plant is extinguished, Japan's nuclear safety agency says - AP
  • 12:59:13: RT @BreakingNews: At damaged Fukushima plant, 50 workers remain behind to pump seawater into reactors - nytimes http://nyti.ms/ecVU4i
  • 13:06:08: RT @BreakingNews: No-fly zone set for 30-kilometer radius over Fukushima nuclear plant - Kyodo
  • 14:25:36: RT @BreakingNews: 'Minute levels' of radiation are detected in Tokyo, Kyodo reports - Reuters http://reut.rs/hHwZFi
  • 16:52:30: RT @BreakingNews: Japan is taking the right public health measures to protect the population from radiation, World Health Organization s ...
  • 19:16:33: First blog sale - http://bit.ly/fovkhd
  • 19:30:45: Contributing to Japan Disaster Relief - http://bit.ly/eNJHu1
  • 22:39:10: RT @cnalatest: Winds blowing radioactivity offshore, away from Japan: WMO http://bit.ly/fiK1ns
  • 22:40:02: RT @stcom: FLASH: Strong quake felt late on Tuesday in Tokyo. Check back for updates.
  • 22:40:40: @Shinjitsu08 i like... rain is good for sleeping in :P
  • 22:41:02: RT @stcom: 6.0 quake shakes Tokyo region. Its epicentre was located in Shizuoka prefecture, 120km southwest of the capital. http://ow.ly ...
  • 22:42:43: Just finished watching #KimigaKuretaNatsu and cried for most part... Nao-chan is such a brave boy...

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