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10 March 2011 @ 03:00 am
From Twitter 03-09-2011  

  • 00:02:27: Just finished watching 『太陽の季節』. It's good... Tackey is superb. But I hate how it ends... I guess he has to pay for his bad deeds...
  • 09:04:19: Just enjoyed almost 1.5 hrs worth of Tackey & Tsubasa on my iPhone :) Tanoshii desu!!
  • 11:53:46: There's no "L" in the Japanese language RT: “@wannacomplain: Luitakyu sounds Japanese http://t.co/1NJclPr
  • 11:54:43: @mrbrown Congrats on wedding anniversary
  • 12:02:22: @ibeli3ve I'm looking forward to it though... Gonna have a nice holiday that week.
  • 12:03:07: @ibeli3ve don't listen to the radio :) I've been listening to music on my iPhone tt I dun even know what r the latest hits now.
  • 12:03:19: @mswenz yay... Congrats
  • 12:04:39: @ibeli3ve person fail maths.
  • 12:05:50: @mrsgiraffie ouch heartache. But u'll get used to it after the first time.
  • 12:07:10: @chanrkl cool! Pray share...
  • 13:00:22: @Shinjitsu08 oh... Like an exchange program. That's fun.
  • 13:00:57: @ibeli3ve yep! :) gonna climb mountain haha
  • 13:01:32: @ibeli3ve gamblers cannot reason logically lor
  • 13:02:32: @ibeli3ve u can't be serious?! I have enuf songs to last me for 4.6 days haha. And at least a third r Japanese songs.
  • 13:03:09: @ibeli3ve enjoy... I'm miss my 20s... @mrsgiraffie
  • 13:07:43: Hmm RT:“@mrbrown: http://t.co/hhF921k Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary amended definition of revert to include 'to reply'. Aaargh.”
  • 13:08:48: @ibeli3ve cats r carnivores
  • 13:10:36: @ibeli3ve is ur 3G and wifi on? It can drain batt even on standby if on...
  • 13:24:58: @ibeli3ve maybe u Shld try to put some then can listen to ur music instead of radio at work :)
  • 13:25:24: @ibeli3ve Haa... Definitely will... Counting down the days first...
  • 13:26:03: @ibeli3ve oops... Haa! The cats in my neighbourhood are also like that...
  • 13:28:08: @ibeli3ve dun drain the batt to 0% or ur iPhone may not start. Juz drain till abt 20% then u can start to charge overnight @mswenz
  • 13:29:26: @mswenz @ibeli3ve yeah notifications drain batt too
  • 13:30:57: Great! my @TwitterforiPhone crashed for the first time.
  • 13:36:05: @ibeli3ve I actually purchased the BatteryDr app and do the full charge fr below 20% prob once a mth using that app. It helps!
  • 13:38:51: @ibeli3ve I can't do that :( against IT policy. External virus & IP rights policy. Anyway I use MacBook so loading iPhone is more convenient
  • 13:58:19: @ibeli3ve no prob. FYI thats a paid app but I think there r other similar apps available too.
  • 14:00:57: @ibeli3ve unofficially. Haa... No point anyway Coz my ofc laptop is dying anyways and only has windows media player installed.
  • 15:21:10: RT @mrbrown: http://mrbrwn.co/gEYLWc SG woman with double master's degree loses $100,300 in casino to win back $209. Masters in Bodoh ah?
  • 15:25:16: Seems like the new #TwitterforiPhone has functions not well accepted by users - so not gonna upgrade. :(

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