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08 March 2011 @ 03:00 am
From Twitter 03-07-2011  

  • 12:45:12: @Shinjitsu08 glad u feel better. Juz to let u know it shld be おいしかった w/o the い.  for い adjectives, u drop the い when negative or past tense
  • 12:53:58: @Shinjitsu08 テゴマスの音声が大好き but I admit 翼 also has a good voice. But in terms of sexiness, タッキーと山P are my favs.
  • 13:11:45: @sparklethots take care
  • 13:12:47: @pishako *hugs* @mrsgiraffie
  • 13:17:48: Any Pi news sparks off much interest RT:@tokyohive: Is Yamashita Tomohisa’s newest flame his sister’s teacher? http://t.co/4FKJDbM
  • 13:19:42: @mswenz eh I Thot u had some shipment problems? All resolved?!
  • 16:01:00: @mswenz lucky girl
  • 16:02:06: @ibeli3ve I ate in today too
  • 16:44:41: @mrsgiraffie Gah dun make me salivate pls... . Me hungry...
  • 16:48:11: @ibeli3ve no lah I usually eat. But sometimes if I eat late or heavy breckkie than I might skip lunch
  • 16:50:59: @mrsgiraffie no worries. Juz tt my colleague brewed damn nice coffee Juz now and tt started my gastric juices to ooze out. Then ur twit...
  • 16:51:34: @ibeli3ve I ok... ESP when too busy I dun think abt other things
  • 17:05:41: @mrsgiraffie kya!! Now I wanna fly down to the nearest OCK!!
  • 17:56:20: Clearing all the bird poo fr the car (@ Caltex @Tampines) http://4sq.com/fN80I9
  • 19:50:59: 一緒にご飯を食べませんか。 (@ Sakae Sushi - Eastpoint Mall) http://4sq.com/g7967I
  • 20:51:06: Got tonite's java chip frappuccino free! All thanks for Mumsy's starbucks card (@ Starbucks @ Eastpoint Mall) http://4sq.com/hcJlVU
  • 20:54:16: Lol! Hubba & I aren't the only couple glued to our iPhone rather than our significant other. There are others amidst us. Kekeke!
  • 21:45:54: Desperately trying to get my hands on the #UrbanDecay #NakedPalette but it's all sold out in #SG & no reservations allowed @Sephora :(
  • 22:29:44: What's wrong with @DailyMotion?? Some servers are super fast, some just take forever to load!!
  • 23:21:01: Nice neutral look - http://bit.ly/gwGu15
  • 23:30:32: Giving up on streaming my J-Dorama tonight... servers are just testing my patience. Gonna sync my iPhone and then hit the sack.
  • 23:52:26: @Shinjitsu08 haa... it's just so happens that now i'm covering past/present positive/negative adjectives in class... :)
  • 23:57:32: @Shinjitsu08 national language = malay. but the main medium of communication = english. weird huh?

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