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05 March 2011 @ 03:00 am
From Twitter 03-04-2011  

  • 13:17:28: @mswenz is there a scratchpad available for GP just like for cats? 
  • 13:28:13: @mswenz kawaii
  • 13:32:10: @ibeli3ve i didn't eat lunch... but still concussed coz lacking sugar... :S
  • 13:34:08: @chanrkl it's started to rain...
  • 13:42:31: @chanrkl hope it clears soon... Or buy a brolly?
  • 17:17:13: @chanrkl take care not to fall sick... health more important
  • 17:18:09: @mrsgiraffie that's a positive view on that situation. on the flip side, it can also mean something negative :S
  • 17:22:25: Ok, you know you need to call it a day when you misunderstand emails and respond to cause more confusion.
  • 18:00:10: @ibeli3ve Coz too bloated fr morning breckkie of mee tai bak. Had a bit of biscuits and tea so still not hungry. Can last till dinner 
  • 18:00:49: @Bagaholicboy bonjour!

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