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05 December 2010 @ 03:00 am
From Twitter 12-04-2010  

  • 09:33:14: @KimokoMasada lucky u. My turn to have to fly tonight...
  • 09:40:23: @KimokoMasada I'm heading to Cairns for meeting. Gonna die with the 17 hr travel time plus transit
  • 09:53:45: @KimokoMasada I'm ok for long haul flights if it's personal trip. Biz trip is a diff ballgame. I have dinner to attend when I reach tmr :(
  • 10:03:13: is reluctant to get up coz weather is so conducive for sleeping!! But need to start packing...
  • 10:13:56: @KimokoMasada thanks gal... yeah, i will zzz the moment i go on board coz it's a midnight flight. but yeah, i will keep hydrating myself.
  • 12:02:26: @ibeli3ve haa... it's either poo or pee. :) i've handled birds', dogs', and babies'. i think it's the same approach, grin & bear with it.
  • 12:06:48: Finished most of my packing. Except Hubby lent my Dan Brown book to someone, now gotta look for another book to entertain myself.
  • 12:39:44: Hubba bought me cai dou kway for lunch :) Yay! So gonna miss local food for the next one week!
  • 13:25:51: @joannchance transit @ Brisbane
  • 13:26:30: @joannchance try my best.
  • 13:27:25: @KimokoMasada haa no time to shop. Will be stuck in some area called Port Douglas and in meetings all day long
  • 13:30:00: @joannchance hee will try my best to tweet when possible and try not to get caught
  • 17:08:17: @mrsgiraffie ahh.. so looking forward to seeing your GDL photos. please post on FB :)
  • 20:51:30: Dinner here (@ The Coffee Connoisseur (TCC)) http://4sq.com/a8f0d0
  • 23:01:19: Hanging ard in transit area. Trying to look for things
  • 23:05:18: Phwah my gate is far away!!! Got skytrain to bring me there. Cool! (@ Terminal 3 w/ 34 others) http://4sq.com/5LA0GM
  • 23:10:45: Regret not taking the skytrain. The gate is really super far!!
  • 23:23:12: Wah liao check in security really damn tight. Nearly thought I'd have to empty my bags
  • 23:33:17: Boarding soon... Bye Singapore & hello Brisbane in 10 hrs

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