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01 December 2010 @ 03:00 am
From Twitter 11-30-2010  

  • 12:56:19: Chicken chop noodles for lunch (@ Hua Ren Qu Pte Ltd below Blk 22 Sin Ming Rd) http://4sq.com/9vnQjq
  • 12:59:46: @mrsgiraffie @ibeli3ve time flies when u least expect it :)
  • 13:01:38: @mswenz @mrsgiraffie I tot u always go eat Jap? Juz bring dad to one of the gd places u've been to?
  • 13:02:15: @mrsgiraffie relax gal
  • 13:05:25: @mrsgiraffie yay 
  • 13:08:05: Yay! The theme song for AnJ is da bomb“@tokyohive: Utada Hikaru takes record for topping Oricon chart 7 albums in a row http://t.co/YQQMa9T
  • 13:10:43: Sux having such a hectic morning. Was working full power non-stop for >4 hrs straight! Now cannot finish my lunch coz overhungry. Gah (~_~;)
  • 15:09:23: @ibeli3ve @mrsgiraffie err I dun celebrate my bdays now becoz of this reason. Duwan to be reminded that I'm aging.
  • 15:11:50: Really getting old... One minute I'm reminding myself that I need to do something, next minute I forget what I was reminding myself to do.
  • 15:15:51: @ibeli3ve well can have dinner n stuff but no candles on cake. @mrsgiraffie
  • 15:19:05: Sheesh I still can't bloody remember what I forgot. It better not be something important. Gah!! (~_~;)
  • 19:48:27: @vix7 it's big drops of water falling in SG. Rain!!
  • 19:52:52: @mswenz hmm maji de? Wakarenai. (`_´)ゞ
  • 19:54:34: @mrsgiraffie skype also can track. My company blk all instant messaging. That's why only left twitter for me
  • 19:56:26: @joannchance yah I braved the rain after waiting for more than 2 hrs for it to stop. If not prob camp overnight.
  • 20:44:39: #SCV Internet is slow today...
  • 20:57:06: @joannchance lucky you... :)
  • 22:14:21: J-Haul! - http://bit.ly/gp76EJ
  • 23:06:59: @KimokoMasada welcome home!

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