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19 November 2010 @ 03:00 am
From Twitter 11-18-2010  

  • 08:34:03: Kurobuta feast - http://bit.ly/c1yyFA
  • 09:01:23: @mswenz no wonder... i'll prob catch it next wk or something
  • 09:01:41: @mswenz yes it does!! i felt like i was cheated of a weekend haa!
  • 09:02:02: @minghao wah thanks for sharing... looks super good!
  • 11:46:29: Finally finished clearing my emails - with J-pop music in the background :)
  • 13:00:53: Yeah, drenched despite using brolly. RT: @NEAsg: Showers with thunder mainly over northern, eastern and western Singapore in the afternoon.
  • 13:02:34: Bought some Strepsils Max to soothe the throat. It's not sore, but there's still discomfort and I need to numb it.
  • 13:02:56: @mswenz what is liu sha bao? RT: I miss Bosses' liu sha bao....... *drools*
  • 13:10:30: @stcom error in story on o level tweet? story makes no sense when it suddenly switches to bumpy encounters while using public transport.
  • 13:25:48: Aren't mobile phones prohibited in the exam hall? - http://bit.ly/9EXV0l
  • 16:09:08: NDM-1: the result of antibiotic misuse? - http://bit.ly/bzXisG
  • 18:13:40: Will P-chan come to SG? RT: Yamashita Tomohisa announces solo live tour in Asia + first solo album http://t.co/ADxzNIg via @tokyohive
  • 18:50:17: Yamapi: why isn't SG included? - http://bit.ly/9iolQg
  • 22:00:35: Removing my mixpod list from my blog - think JE's been too active taking down vids, & half of my playlist is gone. :(
  • 22:47:44: Just becoz... - http://bit.ly/bR2mHU

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