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11 November 2010 @ 03:00 am
From Twitter 11-10-2010  

  • 09:14:51: minna san, ohayou gozaimasu!
  • 09:16:51: @chanrkl i haven't even used my iPhone earpiece too, am using a Panasonic one, coz I prefer in-ear earpieces, the Apple earpiece is too big!
  • 09:19:15: @KimokoMasada :) yeah... i know how that feels. pity i got myself sick of meatballs after buying the frozen ones home to cook... :S
  • 09:21:28: I wanna move to Japan... RT: @stcom: Singapore and Japan are among places youth worldwide want to migrate to http://is.gd/gSVtP
  • 10:05:25: @minghao ohayou... gambette ne!
  • 10:30:01: @joannchance all the best!
  • 13:27:04: @mswenz 1st week of Dec... going to Cairns for a week and be holed up at a resort for coy meetings.:S not looking fw to e flight, no direct
  • 17:02:00: @mrsgiraffie don't stress!!
  • 17:02:33: @mrsgiraffie *hugs*
  • 17:02:54: @mswenz haa... if i can find one to pack you into and yet not exceed the weight limit :)
  • 17:03:44: Am switching off liao... coz I gotta rush off to study for Jap class later... been so busy I've not been consistent with my revision!
  • 17:55:56: Juz parked (@ Shaw Centre w/ 2 others) http://4sq.com/a4JmtY
  • 18:03:20: Packing teriyaki burger with ice milk tea for dinner (@ MOS Burger) http://4sq.com/akEfRs
  • 18:13:18: Benkyou shimasu (@ Ikoma Language School) http://4sq.com/dlgnVu
  • 22:55:25: @minghao atashi wa nei-san desuka? anata oikutsu desuka?
  • 22:56:07: @vix7 do u have too many apps running in the background? try closing some apps...
  • 23:11:29: @vix7 are you using iOS3 or iOS4? if you are using iOS4 then u need to close apps... if iOS3, no need to do so.
  • 23:24:06: @vix7 then it's prob coz u didn't upgrade. the latest iOS4.1 isn't that bad, for me at least. i realised a no. (cont) http://tl.gd/6te2q9
  • 23:37:58: Is something wrong with #MSN coz I can't log in... hmm...

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