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09 November 2010 @ 03:00 am
From Twitter 11-08-2010  

  • 11:23:30: @chanrkl argh... poor you. get well soon!
  • 11:23:51: am wondering what is the cause of my migraine: the weather or neck strain...
  • 11:59:07: @joannchance hai... arigatou
  • 14:03:00: just finished lunch meeting... now brains already a little too fried for the rest of the day... gah!
  • 16:36:15: Think today's run is a no-go... still having the migraine... :(
  • 16:52:04: @joannchance i think it's tweetdeck that is down. you might wanna change twitter application... tweetdeck has been pretty unstable

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