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12 October 2010 @ 03:00 am
From Twitter 10-11-2010  

  • 12:15:15: Bak chor mee day (@ Hua Ren Qu Pte Ltd below Blk 22 Sin Ming Rd) http://4sq.com/9vnQjq
  • 13:13:10: Back in office (@ Amtech Building) http://4sq.com/d0LscD
  • 19:45:00: Hubba's iPhone4 mini-sim card has been activated. He's now happily playing with his new gadget, after I transferred some apps to him. :)
  • 19:46:29: @ibeli3ve i'm not keen on alcoholic ice creams ler... had a bad tasting one before, so keep them at arm's lengths now
  • 19:47:19: @ibeli3ve but it could be your friend's settings allow friends of friends to view...
  • 19:48:09: @nutfairy21 haa... i also woke up at 6am yesterday, but it's coz Hubba had to go for the Mizuno run. :P
  • 19:49:26: @ibeli3ve my aunt made that dessert yesterday :) i love beancurd skin with ginkgo nuts and barley...
  • 19:49:37: @KimokoMasada yay... excited for you too
  • 19:51:02: was so busy at work today never got a chance to tweet... :( Don't foresee a chance this week too, coz internal audit is on!!
  • 20:15:40: @ibeli3ve hmm... thanks. i think it'll be hard for me to try the alcohol ones coz i usually drive and Hubba (cont) http://tl.gd/6e8pqe
  • 20:16:20: @ibeli3ve hmm... i give up on security liao haa! coz i usually post my FB album link on my blog... :)
  • 20:16:58: @ibeli3ve eek... i never eat that dessert outside... coz it's never as good as home made ones. plus you pay a lot for very little ingredient
  • 22:06:04: Very happy that Hubba's so crazy over his iPhone4... :)
  • 22:47:00: @joannchance :) he's hooked. he admits he didn't know what he was missing... a first! usually he poofs at high end gadgets
  • 22:47:30: @ibeli3ve ooh... okie. i'm trying to learn how to make it from my mum... :)
  • 22:47:55: @ibeli3ve not all... depends what albums. i decide the privacy when i load them
  • 22:48:48: @ibeli3ve it's just i turn red easily. so better not to be caught DUI :(

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