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11 October 2010 @ 03:00 am
From Twitter 10-10-2010  

  • 09:47:25: @chanrkl good for you then... :) finally can read without having to strain
  • 09:47:56: @ibeli3ve my hubby didn't like the mao shan wang ice cream, he said the D24 is better. i had chocmarsh :)
  • 09:48:57: @mrsgiraffie aiya... i never get to try. the one at marine parade always has a long queue... :( when i'm there that is.
  • 09:54:16: is in J-music heaven... must benkio for my next Jap lesson soon...
  • 10:07:31: Yay! Hubba finished the Mizuno run 10km in slightly more than 1 hr!! :D Proud of him...
  • 10:37:36: @mrsgiraffie then i got no luck... whenever i do go marine parade it's always long queue. :(
  • 11:01:33: @mrsgiraffie i rarely go marine parade nowadays... :(
  • 11:44:27: @minghao thx.. :) now i'm under stress... can i train in time for next month's 10km? :S
  • 12:05:38: @minghao run for hope... 10km :S i can barely do 5km now. and it's in a month's time lor... :(
  • 12:06:25: @mrsgiraffie oh... you mean you didn't? all of my ringtones are customized using iTunes.. it's pretty easy once you get the hang of it
  • 14:02:07: Q-ing for Hubba's iPhone (@ Singtel Shop @ Tampines Mall) http://4sq.com/aelx25
  • 14:03:49: @mrsgiraffie oh u didn't enable ur hidden extensions to be visible?
  • 14:04:12: @chanrkl hee... If u're happy then I guess it's ok. @mrsgiraffie
  • 14:12:00: @joannchance haa... I dunno whether my twice a wk run is sufficient
  • 14:13:11: @chanrkl thx but I prefer doing on iTunes coz I'm pretty picky at precision of the song section I want @mrsgiraffie
  • 14:14:48: My fav shop for all things Apple in TM has converted to a HP shop!! 
  • 15:03:54: The person who served us @Singtelshop wasn't very customer-oriented. Needs to be trained in PR
  • 15:04:31: @chanrkl actually u can do 30s with iTunes10. My current one is exactly 30s
  • 15:05:02: @joannchance yah... My prezzie to him for his bday
  • 15:05:36: @mrsgiraffie oic... Okok. Thx!
  • 15:13:47: After watching all the Japanese concerts on YouTube, I wanna go watch a concert in Tokyo Dome!!! Maybe one by Johnny's... :)
  • 15:39:56: @joannchance thx. The way the concerts r done r so fantastic. SG concerts pale in comparison
  • 18:12:53: @joannchance if only there's a way to go Tokyo just for their concerts... but haiz, possibility of getting tickets is zero.
  • 18:26:27: @joannchance but i rather be at the concert to absorb the atmosphere :) seems so fun!!!
  • 18:49:51: @joannchance err... in the first place i don't even know where tokyo dome is and how to get tix... :S

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