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09 October 2010 @ 03:00 am
From Twitter 10-08-2010  

  • 08:51:11: @ibeli3ve nice "Wow. I tapped de sofa n said "Momo clever boy, can u jump up onto de sofa" & (cont) http://tl.gd/6ckaro
  • 08:52:17: @mrsgiraffie rest well gal... Don't strain urself
  • 08:52:50: @chanrkl being sick sucks. Take care
  • 08:53:29: @chanrkl why? "The husb has the worst luck with apple.”
  • 08:54:51: @ickleoriental eek... Seedy grapes don't appeal to me...
  • 08:59:27: @minghao OMG... did you manage to get ur notes in the end? seems like their broadband is quite sucky
  • 09:01:17: @nutfairy21 morning... :) don't be too judgmental, some ppl just don't give good first impressions, but are actually good workers
  • 09:03:00: Having bodyaches is not a good way to start the day at work... (@ Amtech Building) http://4sq.com/d0LscD
  • 09:06:24: thinks KAT-TUN songs are more rock than pop... provides good balance to NEWS songs... having J-music disco time in the office...
  • 10:41:04: @chanrkl argh... is it still under warranty?
  • 10:41:33: @mswenz @chanrkl same here... feel this week was too long... :( wish the weekend can last longer though, i need to rest!
  • 10:42:10: @nutfairy21 spag strap is fine, if she has a cardigan over lah. hmm... think she has a lot to learn lah...
  • 10:43:02: @ibeli3ve hee... trying repeating it... repetition helps them to learn :)
  • 10:43:08: @minghao alamak... then ur lesson how?
  • 10:44:54: @ibeli3ve hmm... i think she should keep her eye drops separate from non-medication stuff. that's the problem with ppl, never listen
  • 10:46:22: My eyes are dry and tired again and it's barely 11am! Something must be wrong with my eyes!!
  • 11:47:07: @ibeli3ve yeah... but the person herself is at fault. why put glue next to eye medication?!
  • 11:47:38: @ibeli3ve :) you can find some way to teach him at home... maybe in an enclosed area or something.
  • 11:48:21: @chanrkl i think it's all luck... sometimes you just happen by a defective product that has passed the QC... it happens.
  • 13:07:05: @ibeli3ve oops... :P
  • 13:07:19: @ibeli3ve yay... countdown time...
  • 13:08:31: @mswenz @chanrkl so sweet!! :)
  • 13:08:56: @ibeli3ve reminds me... i need to go a facial...
  • 13:10:50: @chanrkl probably worried that he get caught on TV :) it happened to me last time with Brian Wong... :S
  • 13:11:41: @chanrkl bum the entire weekend away... watch J-dorama and sleep... that's what I plan to do, after doing the chores that is. :)
  • 13:12:19: @mswenz i wish i could... but next week got internal audit :S gotta be around.
  • 13:15:27: So super cool! “@stcom: Johnny Depp paid a surprise visit to a London school as Capt Jack Sparrow after a fan (cont) http://tl.gd/6cn3tg
  • 13:43:01: @chanrkl put on mittens for her? then she can't scratch that badly...
  • 13:43:37: @ibeli3ve need to go do some admin stuff first, true spa got bought over by subtle senses and i need to get the paperwork done b4 going.
  • 13:55:57: @chanrkl put on for her only after she falls asleep?
  • 13:56:21: @ibeli3ve yah... very bad. but no choice ler, i still got package with them, have to use up the package.
  • 13:56:36: @chanrkl @ibeli3ve i second that on the strings one, but cannot tie too tight...
  • 14:21:12: @ibeli3ve i dunno.. i need to check with my mum, coz i let my mum use my package too :) hopefully not much left
  • 14:47:27: @ibeli3ve thx gal...
  • 15:21:29: @mswenz it will be have to be awesome... coz it's Hubba's birthday tmr... haha! :) we're heading to get his iPhone4...
  • 15:21:54: @mswenz i still haven't seen the new Twitter... :S
  • 15:36:47: @ibeli3ve thank you dear... gonna have a party at a friend's place later, and i decided to spring a surprise cake :P or rather apple strudel
  • 15:37:41: is in love with another song, from KAT-TUN... Blue Tuesday :P
  • 15:56:03: @ibeli3ve haa... ya hor. maybe i should dress up like an apple too, no? *LOL*
  • 16:02:51: @ibeli3ve cheese? not vegetarian right?
  • 16:03:12: @minghao at least ur boss help you... :)
  • 16:07:05: @mswenz thanks... :)
  • 16:31:40: @mswenz @ibeli3ve how do you swap to the new twitter layout?
  • 16:32:10: @ibeli3ve haa.. first must find apple tree to get leaf... :S then must find big enough leaf. haa! dun think possible
  • 17:24:59: @mswenz hmm... i don't see it ler... nmd i also hardly access from the twitter page. usually thro phone or tweetie
  • 17:25:26: @chanrkl aiyo... heartache...

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