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07 October 2010 @ 03:00 am
From Twitter 10-06-2010  

  • 09:33:04: @chanrkl tinker more... then get more orders :)
  • 09:33:23: @mswenz gd for u! RT: Life feels much balance and happier these days. Thank you for the blessings. ;]
  • 09:34:52: Minna san... ohayou gozaimasu...
  • 09:45:18: Today's weather seems very unpredictable. Sunny then suddenly overcast. Rain then suddenly become sunny... weird!
  • 10:12:29: @chanrkl :)
  • 10:12:44: @joannchance aiyo... take care
  • 10:27:09: Hubba has finally decided to get the iPhone4. It will a prezzie from me for his coming birthday.
  • 11:11:57: RT @minghao: "My great concern is not whether you have failed, but whether you are content with your failure" - Abraham... http://tumblr ...
  • 11:12:41: @chanrkl have fun!
  • 11:13:39: Evolution or mutation? RT: @stcom: 145 new species have been discovered in S-E Asia http://is.gd/fNbcr
  • 11:37:12: @KimokoMasada okairinasai!
  • 11:37:37: @joannchance seems like quite a few people having the food poisoning... :S take care...
  • 11:51:53: @ibeli3ve ya.. how u doing today? hope you feeling better... @mswenz
  • 11:55:17: @ibeli3ve hee.. just as i sent u the previous tweet, the song "Believe" by Yuko Yamaguchi is being played on my iPhone :)
  • 12:32:08: Bak ku te lunch (@ 7 Stars kopitiam @ Sin Ming Rd) http://4sq.com/coGbtd
  • 13:14:32: @ibeli3ve rest well... :)
  • 13:16:02: just revised for tonight's spelling test... hope I can remember when to add the two dots for the dakuon. Keep adding when I needn't do so...
  • 13:50:02: @KimokoMasada ohh.. you better hope not. got a lot of packing to do... :S
  • 13:51:34: @mswenz beautiful... but Chanel bags require a lot of care... :S my classic flap is only used on special occasions coz of the lambskin
  • 13:52:22: @mswenz lambskin needs a lot of care, avoid water, light, gets scratched easily... need to buy leather care goods for ze bag
  • 13:52:40: @ibeli3ve me too! i haven't used my friendster acct since goodness knows when!
  • 13:59:05: @ibeli3ve at least you can remember your password... i don't think i can even login coz i dunno what mine is!
  • 14:00:31: @mswenz v small, like a dinner clutch size. mine is medium, & i also find small... :S if you like to put a lot of things, need to get jumbo
  • 14:01:29: @ibeli3ve wah lau... greenish phlegm is bad. avoid all unhealthy food... and take care! @mswenz
  • 14:01:57: @KimokoMasada oh, mine too. my travel essentials are always packed and ready :P but when u relocate, it's a different ballgame altogther ler
  • 14:35:47: @mswenz no prob... you can check out http://bagaholicboy.com i think @bagaholicboy just updated Chanel bag prices on his website.
  • 14:35:54: @ibeli3ve err...
  • 15:13:23: @mswenz no prob :)
  • 15:15:24: @ibeli3ve what is this layout app about?
  • 16:08:28: @ibeli3ve thanks gal... will go dl now...
  • 16:08:58: RT @bagaholicboy: Bagaholicboy thinks because it is such a slow day, he will give away a bottle of Chanel's nail polish in Khaki Rose. O ...
  • 16:09:25: @nutfairy21 i find Macs now not worth paying for ala carte. you really save more with the meals
  • 16:36:42: @mswenz eek! gross! makes me wanna skip dinner now... :S
  • 17:24:03: @sereenzheng @dappy @_tangledshe @mswenz some ppl are just weird... period. :S
  • 17:24:22: Otsukaresamadesu! Packing up and leaving for class...
  • 17:33:59: Seems like a number of ppl left work early today. The carpark seems unusually empty at this time...
  • 18:03:38: Juz parked (@ Shaw Centre) http://4sq.com/a4JmtY
  • 18:18:41: Quick Sushi snack then benkio (@ Ikoma Language School) http://4sq.com/dlgnVu

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