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01 October 2010 @ 03:00 am
From Twitter 09-30-2010  

  • 08:38:52: In office early and already finished breakfast. Loading emails... (@ Amtech Building) http://4sq.com/d0LscD
  • 11:43:36: @vix7 aiyo... that's so sad...
  • 11:44:20: It's raining cats and dogs!!! Thank goodness for this morning's breckkie, can afford to have late lunch.
  • 11:44:45: @minghao just like Japan... hee :) but not as nice though
  • 11:45:26: @minghao hmm... haven't gone to play with the new twitter interface... shall try tonight when i get home
  • 11:46:27: RT @cnalatest: MM Lee hospitalised for chest infection http://bit.ly/dsN92R
  • 11:47:57: @mswenz oopsie... cool it girl... *hugs* no point getting angry with inanimate object
  • 12:12:37: Lunching here (@ Shunfu Market) http://4sq.com/d4aZe1
  • 13:12:19: Thinks the best way forward is to be indifferent... being emo makes it very hard to survive. Maybe why my journey up is still blocked...
  • 13:20:44: Wah liao... why do I still get nuisance calls from this "blocked" number??!! It's been almost a year!!
  • 17:22:20: Owes WJ a big thank you for solving my problem... Yay!!!
  • 17:22:33: @mrsgiraffie yay!! congrats!
  • 17:22:48: @mswenz use cold compress... it helps
  • 17:27:33: @nutfairy21 are you sure its a software issue or hardware issue? it may be coz ur comp's drive is not a DVD-rom if it cannot read DVD
  • 17:28:10: @mswenz cross fingers & toes for u RT: Bringing my cam to the clinic later.. *cross fingers*
  • 17:30:17: How happening is SG? RT: @cnalatest: RSAF helicopter believed to have made emergency landing - http://bit.ly/cjXKDK
  • 23:46:28: ran 4.41 km on 30/9/2010 at 7:17 PM

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