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25 September 2010 @ 03:00 am
From Twitter 09-24-2010  

  • 08:00:33: Parked (@ Sin Ming Industrial Estate Sector A) http://4sq.com/bCS9qO
  • 10:11:02: @ibeli3ve yeah... notice that for my doggy too. He walks with his head tilted to one side when he has an ear infection
  • 10:12:58: @ibeli3ve @pishako guess some people just don't know what's the meaning of originality, and don't keep track of what they say.
  • 10:14:47: @chanrkl hee... just like someone who wrote to me, spelling tampines as "tampenis" :P
  • 10:15:51: @vix7 remove the user sgtweet? or dm the user?
  • 10:18:06: @ibeli3ve @pishako maybe it's time you custom-make your stuff, so it is just one-of-a-kind? then she cannot copy liao :P
  • 10:34:47: @ibeli3ve no, just brought him back to the vet the other day as there was some inflammation in his ears, making them tender.
  • 10:35:33: @ibeli3ve haa... then @pishako can tell her it cannot be found.
  • 10:52:08: @chanrkl haa... :)
  • 10:54:42: @joannchance お早う
  • 11:00:03: @ibeli3ve is your boy's an yeast infection? my dog used to get yeast infection often when younger. thanks gal, i hope ur gets well soon too
  • 11:00:38: @ibeli3ve lucky gal...
  • 11:52:40: @ibeli3ve eek... virus infection very irritating.
  • 11:53:05: @ibeli3ve hmm... i already feel that my trip to Tokyo not long enough...
  • 12:23:00: Duck rice for lunch (@ 7 Stars kopitiam @ Sin Ming Rd) http://4sq.com/coGbtd
  • 13:13:02: @ibeli3ve 4D3N... but the weather was too hot. I wanna go back again!!!
  • 13:18:30: @mswenz oh no... take care...
  • 14:16:56: @ibeli3ve that will be next year... :S
  • 15:16:37: RT @bagaholicboy: Bagaholicboy is also giving away this Fendi iPhone Case in Olive to one Twitter follower! RT to win! http://twitpic.co ...
  • 15:16:46: RT @bagaholicboy: Bagaholicboy is giving away MbMJ card holders to 2 Twitter followers. Open to all, will mail to Peru. RT to win! http: ...
  • 15:24:05: is still in a lousy mood... and the weather seems to worsen it.
  • 18:44:55: Attending CL's solemnization & wedding reception (@ The Regent Hotel) http://4sq.com/dzWCgH
  • 19:30:19: @vix7 maybe someone in ur list who has her RT ur tweet?
  • 20:17:52: Instead of red / white wine, we are drinking Chinese wine at the wedding

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