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24 September 2010 @ 03:00 am
From Twitter 09-23-2010  

  • 08:06:48: Parked and headed to buy breckkie (@ Sin Ming Industrial Estate Sector A) http://4sq.com/bCS9qO
  • 08:11:08: Bought breckkie here (@ Hua Ren Qu Pte Ltd below Blk 22 Sin Ming Rd) http://4sq.com/9vnQjq
  • 08:31:42: Gosh the boss is in earlier than every one today!! (@ Amtech Building) http://4sq.com/d0LscD
  • 13:22:51: @mrsgiraffie so sweet... :)
  • 13:50:03: Just realised the entire morning is gone and it's barely 3.5hrs more to official knock off time. Where has all the time gone to??!!
  • 14:16:52: @mswenz i'm also very sick of the food around my office... limited lunch time means limited food choices
  • 14:34:32: it's gonna rain cats and dogs again!!!
  • 14:52:30: @mswenz yeah.... very much so... :S but got no choice...
  • 14:52:56: Wah liao... the rain is so heavy that visibility is damn bad siah... All drivers on the road pls be careful!!

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