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23 September 2010 @ 03:00 am
From Twitter 09-22-2010  

  • 08:18:23: Start of a new day (@ Amtech Building) http://4sq.com/d0LscD
  • 09:45:40: @TiffanyLD cute! "*warning* this pic is kind of revealing, but its too cute not to post! http://twitpic.com/2qn9yo
  • 10:04:22: @nutfairy21 ok. Might take a while though, lots of things to clear at work currently
  • 10:06:17: @chanrkl @ibeli3ve oh I usually dun spend >4 days in HK, coz bored after a while. Current clothes will b 4 winter, so limited shopping too
  • 12:12:50: Lunch is here (@ 7 Stars kopitiam @ Sin Ming Rd) http://4sq.com/coGbtd
  • 13:20:11: Listening to 山下智久 Yamapi's new songs from "One in a million" album - 口づけでアディオス
  • 13:20:57: @chanrkl oh... gemmies selection there should be good. :)
  • 13:23:27: @chanrkl @ibeli3ve i think it depends on the time you log on. certain times is very fast ler... i have had no problems with my connection
  • 13:24:27: @ibeli3ve i do think the sushi smell from Niwa Sushi is a little too pungent, even for a sushi lover like me
  • 13:24:45: RT @minghao: "You don’t get to choose how you’re going to die, or when. You can only decide how you’re going to live..." http://tumblr.c ...
  • 13:36:37: @chanrkl know what you mean... hehe...
  • 13:42:22: Preparing for class tonight: あいうえお|かきくけこ|さしすせそ|たちつてと|なにぬねの|はひふへほ|さかな|にく|いぬ|ねこ|はし|はな|ひと|ふね|へた|つき
  • 16:54:05: Buying something for office (@ Great World City Office Block) http://4sq.com/a1g6YL
  • 18:11:55: Heading for quick dinner (@ Shaw Centre) http://4sq.com/a4JmtY
  • 18:28:26: Quick munch of sushi then べんきお b4 class. (@ Ikoma Language School) http://4sq.com/dlgnVu
  • 18:43:50: @ibeli3ve @chanrkl @pishako @mrsgiraffie actually quite easy to do. WP has internal importing function u can use if transfer to WP blog
  • 18:45:27: @ibeli3ve @chanrkl some times u might need to to reboot ur modem. It helps

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