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22 September 2010 @ 03:00 am
From Twitter 09-21-2010  

  • 08:18:25: Back to the grind (@ Amtech Building) http://4sq.com/d0LscD
  • 11:56:23: Konnichiwa... mina-san. Need a break from all the reading I've been doing for the entire morning
  • 11:57:27: @vix7 yay... so shiok can go on block leave. you do need to rest proper ya?
  • 11:57:51: @minghao wah, how the hell did you get the super mayor badge? i never can keep more than 6 mayorships
  • 11:58:48: @mrsgiraffie ooh... so sweet. i miss having my hubba go outfield... now that he ROD liao.
  • 11:59:21: @muttons can't wait to see Justin's proof... :)
  • 12:01:05: @ibeli3ve wah... you lucky that got no crowd then
  • 12:01:50: @nutfairy21 yay... welcome back on twitter...
  • 12:02:44: @joannchance huh? you mean yours is browser issue? then should just use firefox...
  • 12:03:15: @nutfairy21 was great... will blog about it when i have time... now clearing all the stuff in my intray
  • 12:03:41: @mswenz so shiok!! i also wanna go for another holiday!
  • 13:05:37: @ibeli3ve me too! i haven't been to bkk for a very long time... now ask me to go i scared
  • 13:06:21: @joannchance oh.. i cannot login to twitter site at office coz it's blocked.
  • 13:06:47: @mswenz i never been to malacca too... :S
  • 13:07:51: just had Macs Quarter Pounder for lunch - yesterday's workout all go down the drain... :(
  • 15:23:42: @chanrkl where you going again??? 10 days!!! so shiok! @ibeli3ve
  • 16:58:07: 友情 わかりあえるやつ 感情 ぶつけあえるやつ 命燃やして生きている 俺たちがここにいる 心をざわつかせたまま 季節は過ぎようとしてる 全てが変わるその前に 何かを変えたくて走った 俺たちの青春
  • 16:58:45: @minghao hee... can tell lor

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