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18 September 2010 @ 03:00 am
From Twitter 09-17-2010  

  • 08:13:14: Juz parked. Surprised got no rain in the north (@ Sin Ming Industrial Estate Sector A) http://4sq.com/bCS9qO
  • 10:17:19: @ibeli3ve thanks :)
  • 10:18:54: @ibeli3ve yay... enjoy your date night out :)
  • 10:19:47: @mrsgiraffie haa... i never did snore too... but ever since i started work i snore whenever i am stressed :P which is almost every night! :S
  • 10:20:11: @mswenz back at you gal... RT: Lotsa laughters, lotsa lurvves. =D
  • 10:20:24: @chanrkl take care gal...
  • 10:21:13: It's raining super heavily! Thx goodness it rained where I stayed this morning before I set off, ended up leaving with a thick cardigan...
  • 11:36:59: @ibeli3ve me too!! v. hungry. rainy weather always makes me hungry
  • 11:37:16: still wondering if I can clear all my things in time... :S
  • 11:41:42: @ibeli3ve huh? so late?
  • 11:42:11: @ibeli3ve nah... i'm already leaving for lunch. will continue when i get back... my inbox pile has tripled after my holiday
  • 11:57:58: Bak ku teh day (@ 7 Stars kopitiam @ Sin Ming Rd) http://4sq.com/coGbtd
  • 12:38:31: @mrsgiraffie no lunch?
  • 12:39:23: @ibeli3ve aiyo... poor thing. thanks, me had a good lunch... had bak ku teh! :) u enjoy ur lunch too!
  • 12:39:50: @mswenz phwah... so happening...
  • 13:08:15: saw and tried out the Sony Alpha 55 in Tokyo and was taken by it. Wonder if it's available in Sg... @minghao?
  • 13:23:06: @mswenz other than partying @ a fren's place tonite, nothing much. need to visit finish chores and then the usual parents/in-law's visit. :)
  • 13:37:39: Phwah... damn sleepy after a filling bak ku teh lunch...\
  • 13:46:01: @KimokoMasada it's either you're a workaholic or you're just plain worried abt the workload you have to clear thereafter.
  • 13:59:13: Somehow the engine is slow at starting after coming back from a break. I don't remember what I was doing before I left! Or is it the weather
  • 15:38:26: @mswenz thanks babe... you enjoy yours too...
  • 15:39:31: @mswenz mine is green tea to the rescue... needed my matcha to help fight the zzz monster!
  • 17:22:24: @minghao :( do you know if the alpha 55 will be made available in Sg? it's so much better compared to the alpha 33...
  • 17:39:02: @KimokoMasada lucky you... i don't have any person to hand my projects over to :(

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