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17 September 2010 @ 03:00 am
From Twitter 09-16-2010  

  • 11:09:56: Minna-san,konnichiwa! Am back and desperately clearing mail from my inbox!!
  • 11:13:20: @mswenz the person so free to gossip abt you? sigh... can ask her to help me to clear my mail? haa...
  • 11:15:08: @ibeli3ve cool it gal.. not worth getting mad over such peeps... chill!
  • 11:16:01: @mrsgiraffie thanks dear... i did have a good trip. will try to find some time to blog about it...
  • 11:17:33: @ibeli3ve off your phone, the msgs will still come in when you turn on again lor... hee... :P
  • 11:30:21: @mrsgiraffie took shots of all the Rilakuma stuff in a toy shop in Ginza, Tokyo for u http://twitpic.com/2ou9wx http://twitpic.com/2ou9jc
  • 12:04:55: @joannchance arigato gozaimasu
  • 12:05:47: @ibeli3ve deep breaths gal
  • 12:07:23: @mswenz aiyo then tt's a bit stupid
  • 13:03:07: @mswenz this person got nothing better to do is it? say so much bad stuff... not scared of karma... @pishako @chanrkl
  • 15:16:29: @mswenz why happy when your travel plans put on hold? *curious*
  • 15:19:04: @mswenz hmm... me also wanna know when. though i think i'll be getting the black one for Hubba. his phone really dying liao
  • 15:20:08: @mrsgiraffie yay!! congrats for completing the interviews. seen the rilakuma pics i sent u?
  • 16:06:45: Sometimes I wonder if people understand what the red "!" in an email is for. Really no sense of urgency!!
  • 16:18:47: I think I'm getting too cranky clearing my inbox today. Problem with going on leave is the pile of work you have to clear when you return.
  • 16:19:37: @mswenz haa... i promised him since beginning of the year. so now that the phone is really dying... i wonder if he has the patience to queue
  • 17:37:33: @joannchance i have barely eaten mooncake :)
  • 18:40:08: is calling it a day finally. Haven't worked this late since April!

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