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07 September 2010 @ 03:00 am
From Twitter 09-06-2010  

  • 08:16:27: Juz managed to get a parking lot (@ Sin Ming Industrial Estate Sector A) http://4sq.com/bCS9qO
  • 08:25:07: The sky is dark & dreary... Better weather for a sleep-in than to start work :( (@ Amtech Building) http://4sq.com/d0LscD
  • 08:57:24: @minghao The Expendables is good right? :)
  • 08:57:44: @mrsgiraffie @mswenz er.. what did i miss? who had cat fight?
  • 08:59:11: cool!! RT: @msvandetta: Mikel Paris asked me to jam with him. I am actually nervous. Argh!!!
  • 09:00:21: @mswenz haa... makes you itch to go Japan? I can't wait... starting to plan my itinerary now...
  • 09:56:25: @mrsgiraffie hee... telling myself i'm on holiday soon! :P best motivation
  • 10:41:39: @mrsgiraffie @KimokoMasada yep, flying off for Tokyo on Friday... :) still doing my itinerary... :S i worry we get lost!
  • 10:42:26: @mswenz yeh, very surprising lor. i thought sept supposed to be rainy and cool. have you read my comment to your lj post? :P
  • 11:12:07: @minghao heh... makes you wish you were part of the action huh? :P
  • 11:12:58: @mswenz is this abt a certain T tumour? @chanrkl @missytia @tikiko @mrsgiraffie
  • 11:49:27: @joannchance oh no... still not feeling good? take care!
  • 11:51:32: @mrsgiraffie oops... control control; easier said than done though... :P enjoy ur shopping!!
  • 11:51:45: @joannchance ohayo...
  • 12:46:35: Laksa not as nice after change cook (@ Hua Ren Qu Pte Ltd below Blk 22 Sin Ming Rd) http://4sq.com/9vnQjq
  • 13:26:03: Back in office (@ Amtech Building) http://4sq.com/d0LscD
  • 13:30:23: @sparklethots Yay! :) RT: mighty pleased I took the time to clear my worktable. I can actually see the tabletop again.
  • 15:25:29: @sparklethots good for you!! take a well-deserved break...
  • 15:26:33: @KimokoMasada aiyo... the JR lines are very complicated. i worry cannot find my way around, coz their streets may not be named. :(
  • 15:27:24: @KimokoMasada err.. hope i can help lor. i think should ask @mswenz, she should have more lobang :)
  • 15:28:19: Stare at technical papers until my lenses shifted out of position... eyes hurt like hell now, and all teary and red... :(
  • 16:08:21: @mswenz suggest places to go to in Japan to @KimokoMasada for her trip to Japan next Jan. :)
  • 16:09:11: @minghao I didn't know the sun can drive (Corny!! :P) RT: I'm at How Sun Drive.
  • 16:37:04: @mrsgiraffie just read your blog post. how on earth did i get into the pic??? *confuse* @dennelicious @tikiko @pishako @cherieladie @mswenz
  • 17:05:43: Oh geez! Why must it rain when just 10 minutes to knock off time??!!
  • 17:26:34: 2nd Japanese class - http://bit.ly/d3awhh
  • 17:34:59: is going to call it a day and go home to do itinerary planning for this weekend's trip!!
  • 18:41:52: @minghao sorry couldn't resist being corny... :P
  • 18:58:42: @sparklethots hee.. but you still enjoy your time with them right... :)
  • 18:59:52: @mswenz phwah... i also want!!! so shiok!!! massage is good!!!
  • 19:01:34: @sparklethots @mrsgiraffie @tikiko @pishako @cherieladie @mswenz i actually pity her. relationships based on lies & deception don't last
  • 19:01:56: @sparklethots hee... but 10 yrs down you'll start missing it all... :)
  • 19:30:20: @KimokoMasada who is the he?? *curious*
  • 20:29:44: @mrsgiraffie @sparklethots @tikiko @pishako @cherieladie @mswenz don't worry, she pt 1 finger at each of us, but 4 fingers back at herself.
  • 20:30:23: @joannchance aiyo... why you always say yourself abt aging... must be young at heart! :)
  • 20:31:36: HUbba's dinner is not sitting well in my tummy... feel like puking. Think the canned oysters didn't got well with the pasta sauce he made.
  • 20:31:45: @mswenz enjoy your happy hour...
  • 20:32:21: @mswenz @EYE_DEAS @julyclover if can bring back, i'd have brought mine back from phuket last yr.
  • 20:32:38: @mrsgiraffie @KimokoMasada who is he?? *scratch head*
  • 20:33:15: @joannchance think must have work-life balance... don't check your office emails at home lah... :) rest well!
  • 20:34:46: @mrsgiraffie @sparklethots what is gong cha? i don't even know... *blur*
  • 20:41:05: wah liao... #liargame very intense... :S
  • 21:43:19: @sparklethots where is it located??? :( i never knew got such thing...
  • 21:57:05: @joannchance :)
  • 21:58:09: @vix7 she's just worried about you... :) when is the babe due?
  • 21:58:46: @sparklethots hmm... so near yet so far... :(
  • 21:59:27: better stop watching J-dorama for a while. Shall go back to preparing itinerary... but first to settle the queasiness in my tummy...
  • 22:37:05: @joannchance neh... i just need to release the discomfort somehow...
  • 23:07:53: @joannchance @mrbrown the men hold their pee... :)

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