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26 August 2010 @ 04:37 pm
First Japanese lesson  

Originally published at Tumble Dailies. Please leave any comments there.

Had my first Japanese lesson last night at Ikoma Language School. It’s been some time since I left school, and the fact that lessons are at night made me worry that I would fall asleep during class. Thankfully, this would probably never be the case as lessons are very interactive, and every time Sensei introduced something, we were to repeat after her until we got the intonation right.

Was pretty happy that I wasn’t the only oldie in the class; most of us were probably around the same age or older. Also, almost all interaction was done in Japanese from the beginning, so we were definitely forced to pick up the terms used quickly so that we could understand what Sensei was saying. Was glad I had the smarts to pick up a notebook and some stationery before going for class coz I really took down a lot of notes in the three hours.

Handouts were given for us to pick up the essential basics which is Hiragana, which included writing exercises, as our textbook is all in Japanese and will only be used after we got the hang of Hiragana. We were mostly tested on our memory skills as everything was taught using flip cards, which I think is probably the best when it comes to language. Each time we had gone through a series of a few phrases, we were then given mini flip cards to practise with our partners. P-san, who was my partner, and I had fun laughing at our own mistakes coz once we were used to a series of phrases, it was pretty difficult to switch to another series of phrases to converse in. For me, the most tongue-twisting phrase was “Do Itashimashite” which means “You’re welcome”, coz somehow I keep tripping over my words when I say it.

At the end of three hours, my brains were fried. Thankfully, Sensei also knew we probably reached our limit, and started distributing homework out to us. Homework: Practise writing Hiragana (あ い う え お か き く け こ) and prepare for dictation test next week. Help!