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18 August 2010 @ 08:59 pm
Dinner @ China Square Central  

Originally published at Tumble Dailies. Please leave any comments there.

Headed to Chinatown area after work to firm my Tokyo trip booking. Took me some time to reach as I missed the turning to the car park. Luckily managed to park somewhere nearby and all was well.

Once all was settled, we headed to China Square Central in search for dinner. As Hubba & I both do not work in the CBD area, it was an opportunity not to miss to have dinner in the area.

Hubba jumped at the Vietnamese place called Viet Express the moment we passed by it. For some reason he has been in Viet mode recently and even thought of going to Vietnam for a holiday with his buddies some weeks back. Here’s what we had:

Handmade Fresh Vietnamese Rolls

These were super delicious and went well with the peanut sauce that it was served with.

Pho Bo

This was my choice and the serving was so super huge that it was really worth the price of $11. The soup was really tasty that Hubba couldn’t stop drinking my soup. The beef was tender and the beef balls very springy, juz the way I love my Pho Bo. Really a dish not to be missed if you love beef like me.

Pork chop with rice

Hubba found this meat a little dry for his liking, maybe coz it didn’t have much fat to contribute to the juices. However I think it still is acceptable considering Hubba finished every last morsel.

Plum soda

Something really refreshing… Helped to wash off the oily, salty aftertaste of the food. Really great!

Overall I would recommend that place if anyone wants Vietnamese cuisine and works in that area.

Place: Viet Express @ China Square Central

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