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06 August 2010 @ 03:00 am
From Twitter 08-05-2010  

  • 08:58:34: @minghao wah biang.. take care. the weather really is bad, so very easy to fall ill
  • 09:02:12: @minghao you going to attend lesson or go there to bio people
  • 09:04:21: @vix7 can check with @kimokomasada the bb-cream expert. :) i think she posted on a mac bb cream/primer on her blog recently.
  • 09:25:38: err RT: @mrsgiraffie: this is classic a senior AD in my office came to me asking "joce, class of 2010 does it mean its acad yr 2010/2011?"
  • 09:26:36: @mswenz u going to JKT?? so lucky!!!
  • 09:28:14: is starting to feel drained, after spending almost 2wks worth of late nights watching Jap drama. Now watching Tokyo Dogs...
  • 09:31:15: RT: @stcom: Yet another Apple vulnerability affecting its products was reported, this time by a German govt agency #news http://is.gd/e3c7o
  • 10:53:40: @mrsgiraffie your colleague dunno such an elementary thing?
  • 10:54:17: @minghao haa... win liao lor. what you studying anyway? travel from west to east...
  • 10:55:21: Delayed entry... Too engrossed with work (@ Amtech Building) http://4sq.com/d0LscD
  • 10:59:17: Me 2! RT: @joannchance: i want to retire early and retire rich. to get away from corporate life to tai tai lifestyle full time
  • 10:59:43: @KimokoMasada Me too... very sleepy RT: is having a war with the Z monster! I'm soooooooooooo sleepy I can fall asleep anytime, anywhere!
  • 11:18:26: @minghao PHWAH.... very tiring lor. west to east...
  • 13:23:31: @mrsgiraffie haa... wah you must be quite pissed to say that outright. :) i would probably say she's uninformed.
  • 13:24:15: @mswenz go overseas not lucky meh? i wanna go also cannot ler... i gian for a holiday right now
  • 13:24:49: @minghao wow! soon it will be my turn... gonna start studying too...
  • 13:28:59: just had a crazy lunch - BBQ chix + pineapple rice and goreng pisang for dessert!
  • 14:30:32: @mrsgiraffie eek! then really not excusable... :(
  • 16:21:58: @mswenz yeah, too many projects coming up. :S
  • 16:24:03: is feeling sleepy... sigh... typing can also nod off...
  • 16:54:16: @joannchance gal, the HPV vaccines are indicated for girls aged 9 - 25 yrs. if sexually active doesn't work.
  • 16:54:48: @joannchance got two brands in the market, but i believe they are all around $300.
  • 16:59:41: @joannchance erm, it's pointless if sexually active, won't work liao. studies don't really show that it's beneficial.
  • 17:00:31: @joannchance when the first product was launched, i was already married, so too late to get the jab
  • 17:24:14: @joannchance the last i checked, there's a debate on its efficacy on married women. some say that it's not as effective, so argue it is.
  • 17:25:54: @joannchance i think the Sg approved indication is still on sexually inactive females aged 9 - 25 yrs. anything otherwise is off-label use.
  • 17:27:23: calling it a day... need to go home and rest. Feel super tired with all the reading...
  • 17:39:52: Heading to the car (@ Sin Ming Industrial Estate Sector A) http://4sq.com/bCS9qO
  • 17:45:47: Registering for Japanese class. http://twitpic.com/2axgk1
  • 17:45:54: My car just had a massive attack of bird shit!! Bah!!
  • 18:00:40: Washing off all the dried up bird poop! (@ Caltex @Tampines) http://4sq.com/96oSye
  • 18:06:39: @vix7 got such thing one? What kind of service?
  • 18:07:11: @joannchance so cool!
  • 18:08:11: @ickleoriental why do u need to quieten down?? Had a happening day?
  • 18:11:40: Thinks Boys Like Girls song sounds like a Bon Jovi song
  • 18:27:36: Home (@ 126 Tampines) http://4sq.com/bWIVff
  • 18:32:06: @joannchance I dun think got promotions. It's not really allowed for medicines, unless it is govt supported.
  • 18:47:38: Dining here tonight (@ Paradise Inn Eastpoint Mall) http://4sq.com/aDHDzK
  • 18:50:21: @mrsgiraffie haa too new, dare not push the car for fear of burning the engine
  • 18:58:36: Internet is the root of evil “@stcom: Woman discovers husband is cheating on her, by checking his Facebook account. http://bit.ly/9beJdX
  • 19:46:32: Groceries (@ NTUC Fairprice (Eastpoint)) http://4sq.com/abCKNf
  • 19:58:46: Cheeky cat on top of a car http://twitpic.com/2bsuhu
  • 22:20:38: Dinner @ Paradise Inn - http://bit.ly/aLVWUj
  • 22:30:00: @minghao thx... I'll need it. Languages other than English not my strong point.
  • 22:31:04: @ickleoriental hmm. Somehow I know how u feel. Cheer up gal, the long weekend is juz coming up!
  • 22:32:24: @joannchance it just means the dr is not following the approved prescribing indications. Typical of specialist. I don't believe it'll work

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