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02 August 2010 @ 03:00 am
From Twitter 08-01-2010  

  • 17:26:44: find myself smelling of sweat - hope I've managed to break the low-grade fever...
  • 17:26:56: @joannchance thx gal...
  • 17:29:30: @minghao have fun with your date~
  • 17:31:30: doesn't understand why it's so difficult to get japanese drama serials anymore - it's like they're all replaced by korean serials!! gah!!!
  • 17:31:58: thank goodness for internet - at least can still stream the serials or dl torrents...
  • 17:37:01: @joannchance i didn't even know twitter was down! :P
  • 17:45:01: @mrsgiraffie it takes time. still remember calling my MIL 2 the phone when it was actually 4 me, not used 2 being a mrs initially.
  • 22:42:49: @joannchance yep, better now that i'm not running to the toilet and feverish. thanks!
  • 22:42:58: @KimokoMasada beautiful cupcakes!
  • 22:44:25: @minghao haa... the waitress cannot remember who asked for it... :S
  • 23:36:57: Hana Yori Dango - http://bit.ly/bPmfOB
  • 23:53:54: @mrsgiraffie hmmm why should you be low profile at a work event? shouldn't mingling be more appropriate?

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