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29 July 2010 @ 03:00 am
From Twitter 07-28-2010  

  • 14:02:10: @minghao aiyo... hope your grandma gets well soon...
  • 14:03:56: Who left the rag there? :P RT: @RiceBunny: Sometimes... I don't get fine art. Especially modern fine art. http://tweetphoto.com/35223183
  • 14:11:19: 3rd day in a row that I'm surviving on less than 6 hrs sleep... I better finish my Jap drama series tonight... Zzzz...
  • 14:15:28: RT @TODAYonline: The rabid hype and ensuing mauling of Inception raises questions for critics http://bit.ly/b6z3GK
  • 15:08:35: Huh?RT: @stcom: Drinking alcohol may help reduce arthritis symptoms and even cut the risk of developing the disease #news http://is.gd/dNNUn
  • 15:49:24: @joannchance worse thing is my big boss is here... must fight to stay awake!
  • 15:54:00: @mswenz phwah... so lucky!!!
  • 17:24:52: @mswenz aiya... make me gian to go holiday... :P~~
  • 17:26:17: RT @stcom: THE HSA has detected an undeclared western medicinal ingredient in two Beijing 101 Hair Consultants products #news http://bit ...
  • 17:28:03: @vix7 eh... i opposite from you ler... i find i have mellowed over the years, not so impulsive. :) i think maybe it's just the hormones?

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