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27 July 2010 @ 03:00 am
From Twitter 07-26-2010  

  • 08:24:04: Juz parked (@ Sin Ming Industrial Estate Sector A) http://4sq.com/bCS9qO
  • 08:32:20: It's a dreary Monday ... Why cannot stay home to sleep? :( (@ Amtech Building) http://4sq.com/d0LscD
  • 09:17:45: @joannchance aiya... you just reminded me. i bought my opi nail polish but haven't used yet. hmm..
  • 09:19:06: feels that the weekend was too short... plus all the Jap drama serials - I feel sleepyzzz...
  • 09:22:23: Wah lao, the coffee is not working!!!
  • 09:22:49: @vix7 foie gras in a sausage?? OMG!! no wonder so ex!
  • 09:25:42: Too early to start work :P RT: @bagaholicboy: Bagaholicboy thinks it is too early to be awake, especially with the weather as it is now...
  • 09:26:25: Sick RT: @stcom: 7 M'sian primary school pupils had their anuses poked with a pen by their male teacher as a punishment http://is.gd/dIsdv
  • 09:28:34: @KimokoMasada pretty... reminds me of Shangri-La hotel!
  • 10:11:53: Hint for us to hammer the lousy iPhone4? RT: @minghao: @GenkiGenki MC Hammer becomes iPhone 4 spokeperson http://bit.ly/dh9CUO /via @KRAPPS
  • 10:12:22: Sugoi! RT: @stcom: A NZ boy, 15, fell 16 storeys from his family's apartment onto a concrete floor - and lived #news http://is.gd/dIvwT
  • 10:15:51: @mswenz most of my girlfriends have kids, no time for movies. those that aren't, have their own crazy life to live & conflicting schedules
  • 10:17:22: is seriously under stress - developing a bad bout of dandruff again. Shoots! It's almost snowing from my head! :((
  • 10:20:31: @mrsgiraffie cool... why don't you go take a photo with the mascot? is this merly? :)
  • 11:04:09: @joannchance i got a nice dark red one the other day - but aiya, got carried away with my Jap drama serials, so never paint.
  • 16:39:00: @joannchance :)
  • 16:42:32: Dunno, but it made my hair stand on ends. RT: @minghao: Anybody know wat insect is this? http://tweetphoto.com/34999627
  • 16:44:00: @ickleoriental do feedback on the iPhone4. thanks!!
  • 16:47:39: Cool cake! RT: @msvandetta: I wish you could smell how good this Jumi Cake is. Cake art man! http://tweetphoto.com/35015893
  • 16:48:16: Is that lunch, tea or dinner? RT: @bagaholicboy: Bagaholicboy just finished his fruit scone and iced latte.
  • 17:11:19: @ickleoriental Is this the newest in thing? Saw someone else post on it too. RT: Unboxing my new Sony W252. Pretty white thing :)
  • 17:13:09: 5 more minutes to knock off time. Will leave the rest till tomorrow... Need to take a break; been working non-stop today since 10am...
  • 17:23:46: Ugh... can't leave on time. Needa back up my documents before I leave - haven't done it in a long time, and comp will take 94 mins to finish
  • 17:33:22: @joannchance i wish... cannot, i think my comp is dying and i better not lose all my docs. if not i'll die... :S
  • 17:35:28: @mswenz thx gal... heading back to relax and watch Hana Yori Dango. :)
  • 17:36:18: @joannchance i dunno... some new MP3 player. best to ask @ickleoriental :) maybe she'll blog about it.
  • 18:28:36: Home (@ 126 Tampines) http://4sq.com/bWIVff

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