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25 July 2010 @ 03:00 am
From Twitter 07-24-2010  

  • 00:17:38: @joannchance my work area got very limited lots coz a lot of car workshops. so usually you just grab what you can grab. maybe that's why...
  • 00:19:22: @mrsgiraffie how come your route so long? i've driven to NTU before and i usually take PIE all the way till KJE...
  • 00:20:10: @mswenz really?? haiz... i wanna watch but Hubba doesn't... sigh... think i'll end up watching it alone again.
  • 00:21:00: me... :) how long will you be gone? RT @987MisterYoung: Last "The Night's Still Young" before I fly off! Who's up!
  • 00:49:37: @mrsgiraffie true... i only used to drive there when Hubba had reservist, and it's at 6am in the morning. then got problem going to office..
  • 01:10:36: @987MisterYoung i wanna go to LA too!!! i miss the air in the US. :(
  • 01:11:02: oh no! RT @msvandetta: WTH is it!?! RT @sarahtan987: @msvandetta @divian987fm he told me today what he's doing. I'd be scared if i were you!
  • 01:29:49: Is there something wrong with the #Farmville free gift page? I have problems loading it!! Gah!
  • 11:29:45: @joannchance wow! you go gal! :) go get aidan all hot and bothered... haa!
  • 11:31:03: @987MisterYoung enjoy your trip!!
  • 11:33:41: @minghao saturday still gotta work? poor you...
  • 11:34:53: @mrsgiraffie hmm... thanks gal... i'll note that. thankfully no need to drive there anymore since Hubba ROD liao
  • 11:35:22: The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.- Winston Churchill (via @minghao)
  • 11:35:44: @minghao you very on abt working on a Saturday... :)
  • 12:48:18: Nodame Cantabile - The Movie & The Finale - http://bit.ly/cvTzjM
  • 13:00:43: @joannchance oops... haa! :) make him work it... then he'll treasure you :)
  • 13:02:06: OMG! DramaRT @vix7: just found out a ground floor neighbour was found dead. young woman in early twenties. police car and CSI van just left.
  • 13:04:32: @KimokoMasada haiyo... make sure you get some time to rest n relax ya?
  • 15:35:12: @KimokoMasada good for you :)
  • 15:36:49: @mrsgiraffie yeah... i hate male drivers bullying female drivers - don't play play, not all female drivers can be bulllied!
  • 15:39:01: @joannchance true... you go gal... let him know who's boss :P
  • 18:21:18: Weekly dinner with in-laws (@ Tung Po Ave) http://4sq.com/cBFU7T
  • 18:23:48: @minghao well I use to work weekends and public holidays last time, so I'm good. :)
  • 18:25:29: @mrsgiraffie wah so much for flip-flops?
  • 18:25:54: @ickleoriental it's the weather. Better take care of yourself

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