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23 July 2010 @ 04:12 pm
Review: The Last Station (DVD)  

Originally published at Tumble Dailies. Please leave any comments there.

Rented this DVD last night as two things caught my attention: Leo Tolstoy and James McAvoy.

The Last Station

Hubba called me “idol-crazy” as he thought that I had only rented the DVD for the sole purpose of watching James McAvoy, and didn’t intend to watch the DVD with me. I don’t deny James McAvoy is eye candy (a little short though), but hey, I don’t think I would be shallow enough to rent a DVD if the movie ain’t worth watching. (I can envision Hubba shaking his head at this remark, haa.) In the end, Hubba had to eat his words, coz he got hooked and watched the entire DVD from beginning to end with me!

Warning: Spoiler after the cut!

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